Antiquarian Traders

Antiquarian Traders Display AdHaving an eye for quality antiques is definitely a skill that not everyone has. How many times have you played guess the value, or even if the item is really authentic on Antiques Roadshow? I’ve done it several times, and man I am bad!

Good news is you don’t have to have this skill, because Antiquarian Traders is there for you! For over 30 years, they have been providing the industry with quality antiques and architectural pieces. Their massive showroom in downtown Los Angeles provides a wide selection to choose from. From furniture to fountains, they can help you decorate inside and out. They also have an in-house restoration shop, where they can also modify items as well.


Pasadena Antiques & Design

Pasadena Antiques & Design Web PicSo you need some antiques… some kind of class, style or romance to fully express your own character. Maybe, like me, you don’t know which antiques to use – some have deep meanings, others are just really pretty. But which venue has the style you need?

If you want to see a variety of antiques, stop by Pasadena Antiques & Design. They contract outside dealers to bring in fresh new antiques, which… don’t worry: are still old and real! They’ve also got full-time dealers on hand to put antiques into yours. With such a broad array of antique styles, periods and dealers you can’t go wrong!


King Richards Antique & Vintage Center

King Richard Antique Vendor PicsKing Richards Antique Center has 110 dealers of many original styles as well as all manner of antiques. In fact, top-notch stores have been caught buying their jewelry and antiques, then reselling them for much more… Busted Beverly Hills! They even do restorations!

King Richard Coke MachineIt all started with a simple passion for collecting, which evolved into the selling of multiples, to buying more… and the rest is history. Now, they’ve opened a location as a family to allow other dealers to continue the antique trade.BUSTED Loch Ness Monster

Whatever the antique; whether it’s vintage clothing or genuine Coke machines, this ‘cartel’ of dealers have it… or it’s existence was probably a hoax anyways… Sorry Loch Ness Monster, you’re busted too!


Eclectic/Encore Props

9k=-36I was curious if there were any “One Stop Shop” prop houses around the Manhattan area and was pleasantly surprised to find one in Eclectic Encore Props. Suri is, to say the least, on top of it.

Upon entering I was immediately greeted by two very pink full suits of armor. This would be a perfect example of what kind of inventory I would come across; things I didn’t even know I wanted.

Just a few minutes of strolling around proved they are working hard to make shopping easy for everyone involved. Binders are placed in every section of the prop house with pictures and ID #’s of the items in that section. They have certainly taken full advantage of RT Pro.

Full china sets, all kinds of lighting, cleared artworks of an varying time periods and styles, electronics, model ships, crystal balls, and taxidermy. I could continue listing the wide variety of items they have if this post had more space. The important thing to note, however, is that Eclectic Encore is one of those places where you will want to walk up and down the aisles to find those items you didn’t know you needed.

Access to their inventory was admittedly a little difficult because the required service elevator is the only way to see all 4 floors of items, let alone get it to your truck. This is the reason Suri and her crew are moving to a new warehouse in a month. She will soon have a a building with driveup docks and much more space for you to move around in.

Stop by Eclectic/Encore Props when you have a chance, even if you don’t need to. Suri will be more than happy to show off her collection.


King Richards Antique Center Upcoming Auction

Z-43Plans are in the works for a new auction in April at King Richards Antique & Vintage Center in Whittier. Looks like there’s an old 1961 Corvair Van just might make it up to the auction block.

Of course this kind of auction will have everything, not just cars. Check out the auction website with photos of some of the upcoming items that will be available, some may throw you a curve ball.

Of course don’t forget to check out the upper floor expansion. King Richard’s Antique Center always has plenty of vintage history to shop for. There’s always something going on there, including an appraisal clinic on April 6th.


Connoisseur Antiques

For over four decades, Connoisseur Antiques has provided the finest 18th– and 19th-century European antique furniture, chandeliers, mirrors, art, sculptures, jewelry and decorative accessories to private clients, designers, architects, developers, collectors and museums worldwide.

Luckily, these exquisite pieces are also available for rent. Be sure to check out their amazing collection of crystal, bronzes, sculptures, and porcelain. Connoisseur has two showrooms: one on La Cienega, the other on Melrose. There’s also a collections annex available for viewing by appointment only. Whichever location you choose, you can’t miss the yellow Connoisseur building.

Connoisseur Antiques

Warner Bros. Studio Facilities

From pre to post, Warner Bros. Studio Facilities departments can definitely fill all your production needs — and upholster your home sofa to boot!  Sound stages, exterior sets, construction, set lighting & grip, costume, property, transportation, photo shop and more, it’s all available from Warner Bros. Studio Facilities.

Set decorator extraordinaire Robert Greenfield has also recently taken the helm at WBSF Property. With his long list of credits, he knows the style and items that you will need before you hit the door.  Need to know who to contact for your specific production needs? Check out the department contact list.

Warner Bros. Studios

Prop Services West Has Moved!

Swing by and check out PSW’s new location in North Hollywood.

Once again all under one roof, Prop Services West has relocated to the valley. Their new address is at 7040 Laurel Canyon Blvd. in North Hollywood.

Founded in 1978 by Set Decorator Bill Harp and Art Director Chuck Murawski, PSW has long been a favorite among Set Decorators, Production Designers, Art Directors and Prop Masters.

Chuck Murawski followed his friend Bill Harp to Hollywood in the early 70’s, after Bill joined the crew of the Carol Burnett Show. Recognizing the need for contemporary set dressing in west coast productions they opened Prop Services West on Santa Monica Blvd.

After many moves, purchases, and changes of ownership PSW has settled down into the Valley. Stop by them and see what they have to offer!
Prop Services West