Prop Houses Open This Good Friday (2017)

Some people are working this Good Friday, while others won’t be (and are probably going to have a Great Friday).

For those of us who WILL be working, it’s good to have a list of shops open. Some people will be open for half days (leaving after lunch) so we have split up the list into two with partials closing around lunchtime.

Name Open Partial
Advanced Liquidators
Aero Mock-Ups
Artery Props
Artkraft Taxidermy
Bridge Furniture & Props
Dapper Cadaver
Faux Library
LCW Props
Little Bohemia
Modernica Props
Old N Country
Picture Start Props
Sword & Stone
The Surface Library
ZG04 Decor
Alley Cats Studio Rentals
Hollywood Cinema Arts
Jackson Shrub Supply
Prop Services West
RC Vintage

For a longer list of prop houses on Debbies Book, you can check it out here:
Prop Houses

I hope everyone has a good weekend, whenever that may start!

Where to Find Playground Equipment

Every child has had love for playgrounds. Swing sets, slides, jungle gyms, animals on springs and roundabouts (merry go rounds). There is really only one problem about playgrounds, one that never bothered kids. They’re rather permanent.

So now it’s time to dress a park, a backyard, or even a kids space at a fast food restaurant or mall. You need an impermanent but permanent looking set of rentals and playground equipment. Thankfully we’ve climbed around Los Angeles and beyond to find all kinds for you. Was it so we could pretend we were kids again or was it so we could help you out?

Why can’t it be both?

Worlds of Wow - Sculpted Play Set
Worlds of Wow – Sculpted Play Set

Alley Cats Studio Rentals
Jungle gyms, swing sets, teeter totters and more. They specialize in the outdoor props and how much more outdoors can you get than a playground set?

L. A. Steelcraft Products, Inc.
They have been making playground equipment for over 60 years including the usual merry-go-rounds, play barrels, arch climbers, swings and much more. If you need a variety to select from (or simply need something fabricated for a playground) LA Steelcraft has the experience, know how, and inventory.

Lennie Marvin (Prop Heaven)
An outdoor playset, spring animals and outdoor exercise bars are a part of their inventory. They also have the ever elusive ball pit balls that can often be hard to track down!

Sunland Creations
The kings of the backyard play set, Sunland Creations has it down to a science. On top of the usual suspects (swing sets and trampolines) they do the backyard play set structures the child in us always wanted. From the simplest playhouse to the two-story set ups with a tube slide, a zip line and swings attached; they’ve got you covered.

Worlds of Wow
If you need indoor playspaces dressed, Worlds of Wow is a must contact. From largescale play areas a la Chuck E Cheese and Sky Zone, to little play areas such as a church or doctors office, they have the resources and experience making it for you. 3D Climbable sculptures, themed environments for mall rest stops, toddler play areas and more are all available through these magic wielders.

Honorable Mentions:

Omega/Cinema Props – School playground dressing including sports items and rubber balls.
Universal Studios Property – Outdoor jungle gym and a few other accessories.
Warner Bros Studios Property – Boxes of ball pit balls, kids sports items and additional school dressing.

Faux Library Gets it’s Move On!

Faux Library Moving FlyerAfter years of squeezing into their still pretty roomy building in North Hollywood off of Laurel Canyon Blvd, Faux Library Studio Props is moving further into the valley.

Where? The now former residence of ZG04 Decor actually. And it’s a good thing.

7100 Case Ave,
North Hollywood, CA, 91605

Soon we will all have an even better loop than before with History for Hire, Pinacoteca Picture Props, Alley Cats Studio Rentals and  the addition of Faux Library Studio Props. A buyers dream!

Their phone numbers won’t be changing and all of the same great people will be working inside. The only difference will be even more room (and more props!) and even more accessibility.

Congratulations Faux Library! We are all excited for your expansion.

Website: Faux Library Facebook Page

Student Presentation and Tour @ ZG04 & More

DSC05221Just last Thursday Dec. 11, 2014 Philip and Laura’s separate classes of students came to the valley prop houses for a tour. Afterwards there was an hour demonstration by yours truly on the in and outs of prop houses as well as a breakdown of some of the tools available on our app!

DSC05220The students had a chance to visit three very unique prop houses; History For Hire (great for period and historically accurate reproductions), Alley Cats Studio Rentals (perfect for outdoor street dressing, playgrounds and more), and ZG04 Décor (a quickly expanding prop house of decorative accessories, hand props, and general set dressing).DSC05219

Klaus (owner of ZG04 Décor) gave great information and insight on how designers have limited time shopping, emphasizing how he has combined his skills of design and working on a tight schedule to expedite everything they offer at his new prop house.

A good time was had by all and it’s always nice to see new blood entering the entertainment business that are driven and creative!

Alley Cats is Ready for School

Alley Cats 12:14-1About a month ago I had a user reach out looking for modern school desks, and boy howdy is that harder to track down than you would think. That is until now… so I should rephrase that. It WAS probably harder than you thought.

Alley Cats Studio Rentals has scooped up some pristine modern school desks, just the ticket for that classroom/AA Meeting/parent teacher conference scene.

Willy has a lot of multiples for these bad boys too, so the next time you need to take a shoot to school at least you don’t have to worry about the desks!


Alley Cats Scores Some New Items!

Alley Cats Studio Rentals, known for their outdoor rentals and business dressing (such as Video/Music Store Dressing, Auto Shop Dressing, and Produce Dressing) has expanded with more items.

Z-3They recently acquire items to stock a Cell Phone Provider shop, including some of the latest Samsung devices. They won’t make phone calls of course, but that doesn’t stop them from looking like the real deal!

2Q==-3Another new addition is their retro outdoor scoreboard for baseball. So now, on top of your regular street dressing, theatre dressing, nautical items, and construction items, don’t forget to check out some of the newer items always rolling in!