Aero Mock-Ups Opens Skyway Stage – An Airport Terminal Mock-Up

Airport terminals can be incredibly tedious. The baggage security checks, the long hallways, check-in/ticketing, and your staple Auntie Anne’s Pretzels knockoff shop. They are also practically impossible to film in.

After almost a year of planning, construction, and installation of everything necessary for the project, Aero Mock-Ups now has the perfect go-to airport terminal to film in.

The 2,200 Sq. Ft. remodeled filming location of Skyway Stage provides:

  • Wi-Fi controlled LED Green Screen backing 36’ wide x 9’6” high corner windows with eight pivot panel
  • Three high-profile arches with dimmable recessed lights
  • Three double doors, one with Jetway entrance
  • Two Restroom and a VIP entrance
  • Carpeted wood floor and dimmable side wall wash lights
  • Architectural styled stage that can provide the setting for a Penthouse, Boardroom, Corner Office, Nightclub, or Dressed as a Passenger Terminal, it can facilitate; Check-in/Ticketing, TSA security, Boarding/Gate, Concessionary, Customs and Immigration areas. Appropriate Set Dressing included.

To get a glimpse check out some of the photos below. Of course to really get an idea of this exciting updated spot you should swing by!

Still located at 13126 Saticoy St, N Hollywood, CA, 91605, Aero Mock-Ups has provided airplane and aircraft mockups/filming locations since 1988 along with most dressing and props available on site.

Air Hollywood

Air Hollywood’s CEO Talaat Captan just got tired of dealing with all those airport issues while filming so, in 1998, he built his own airport terminal and airplane mockups.

Walk onto the stages at Air Hollywood and you walk into any airport in the world. The stages hold interior jet mock-ups, from economy and first class to cockpit and lavatory. The mock-ups are fully dressed and camera-ready, allowing you to shoot interiors without the hassle of today’s airport security issues. Air Hollywood also rents props & set dressing and provides set design & fabrication as well as event production services.

The folks at Air Hollywood prefer to call the facility an “aviation-themed studio.” I’d say that pretty much sums it up.

Air Hollywood – Prop House & Standing Sets