Special Effects Unlimited – How You Can Make a Fake Snow Storm in July

202db7df73878de1e59922b76f46f2acSnow, wind, fire.

These are the elements that make or break a movie when it comes to special effects. Sure you could pay a very pretty penny to fake it, but why not pay less for the real deal?!?

Over at Special Effects Unlimited, if it is practical they can practically do anything. Of course you can get your giant fans and similarly “blow you away” equipment rentals but sometimes you need something to bleed green (protip; things usually bleed red so that’s easier to find). Other times you need people that can do the effects for you. There are even times where you need a custom special effect that hasn’t been done before. All of these can be accomplished with Special Effects Unlimited.bf055b4041e68ae4bd29f2e30ef353cf

Custom props, molds, and specific blood pools are also available, made just to your specifications.

So blow your audience away without blowing them (or yourself, or your budget) up and give them a call. As a quick aside, who doesn’t want to play with fire?!?

Website: www.specialeffectsunlimited.com