Special Effects Unlimited – Completed Move to the Valley

Moving can be a pain but when that move puts you closer to “the action” it’s not a bad thing.

Special Effects Unlimited has moved from their location “in the heart of Hollywood” into convenient Sun Valley to continue practicing the art of physical effects since 1962..

They are just as ready to blow you away with wind, rain on whatever parade you have scheduled, snow you in when the weather wants to be warm, and fire you up whatever effects you need.

Check out their new spot on Lankershim:

8942 Lankershim Blvd,
Sun Valley, CA, 91352
Now located on Lankershim Blvd, Special Effects Unlimited has been creating practical, physical effects of all kinds for decades.
Website: www.specialeffectsunlimited.com

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One thought to “Special Effects Unlimited – Completed Move to the Valley”

  1. It’s funny, or I tell myself it is so I don’t cry.

    I have been trying to get closer to the actions and learning all I need to know about SPFX and when I get my first few gigs, Coronoavirus.

    Only 10 years in the making lol.

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