Sketch Paper Design

Sketch Paper Design Web LogoBad at drawing? If you’ve got the perfect idea for a hero prop, or even simply a new toy – Sketch Paper Design can fabricate almost anything out of your sketchy blueprint. If you have an idea you would like to create and can’t even sketch it, they’ll do that too. Unlike that tattoo you got on your 18th birthday, this place will transform your sketch into something much, much better!

Their shop is well sized too, and the range of materials they can prototype and work with are quite vast. Oh, and they do research as well, so if Shirley’s doll needs to be authentic… it sure will be if you swing by here.

Maybe you don’t even have an idea and you just remember your favorite Batman toy, or Barbie doll; they will make reproductions as well. So if you’re in need of a special hero prop, or simple a bunch of custom toys for your shoot, or need to rent a stage, or have a set you need constructed (they do quite a bit) Sketch Paper Design has you covered.