SDSA GMM – August General Membership Meeting @ Warner Bros. Property

WB #1 8-20-15It is always nice to be reminded of what is located at Warner Bro. Property, and even more exciting to see what’s new. Robert Greenfield is always keeping the inventory fresh while holding on to the classics, a rare but important talent that is needed for any prop house.

Of course it is also nice to have some delicious grub and conversation with the current membership of the Set Decorators’ Society of America and their business members.

WB #2 8-20-15Walking around I noticed the presidential furniture has it’s own little dedicated space now (watched over by some Mr. Smiths from The Matrix), the chandelier room still has a large variety to choose from, and downstairs The Collection awaits it’s next use. I wish I had thought to take a photo of the giraffe legs sticking in from the ceiling down there though. That one caught me by surprise.

The meeting, post-schmoozing of course, went without a hitch. During a few words from Shirley Stark, Ralph of Hollywood Studio Gallery, and Robert Greenfield the raffle winners were announced, many of them donated by LCW Props. Bryce actually won a bottle of Tito’s vodka (that I assume will be shared with the office) from Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven.

All in all it was a great meeting, with a very large turnout (and very delicious desserts)!


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