Sandy Rose Floral – It’s Best to Stick with the Pros

gennixonIsn’t it nice to have someone who understands? Someone who ‘gets it’ and will work with your schedule.

Well too bad florists don’t, they’re so busy dancing around in the fields and smelling the roses. Not all of them though, and Sandy Rose Floral is one of those.

With more than 25 years specifically working with set decorators they are the go to source for floral arrangements, silk flowers and floral display props around. Need something that can withstand the heat of filming lights? spiderman3They’re on it. Need a wedding by tomorrow? They will wish those characters the best of luck on their rather risky decision to marry and arrive with everything they will need.

Experience is important, especially in a business with incredibly short turnarounds and odd schedules so don’t put your scene at risk. Let Sandy Rose Florals bloom!