Ruby’s Road Trip Visits: Warner Bros Studios Property – Atlanta

CEO of Debbies Book, Ruby, and I had a chance to swing by some prop houses in Atlanta.

The first of which was the Warner Bros. Studios Property department branch.


Nikki, the manager of the Atlanta location, was very welcoming to Ruby before showing me around their warehouse.


It was a pleasant surprise to find so many items over here. Their already large inventory has even expanded recently due to the acquisition of a recently finished project. Nikki was happy to show me around a bit.

A nice selection of dressing and hand props, including some interesting busts:

IMG_4446 IMG_4445


(Apparently we know where some of MacGyver is being shot at).

It’s a good space with antiques, trunks and books too:

IMG_4452 IMG_4448

Like any good prop house it has range as well:


All in all, Warner Bros Atlanta location is a great stop. Of course anything over in Los Angeles can be easily shipped over too!