Robert James Company – Art Installations and Metalwork that Will Wow

c7b6bfce64f37b4661b451b49844a279The festival market has been booming. Gone are the days of only a few festivals a year such as Coachella, here to seemingly stay are the massive and often niche festivals happening on what feels like every weekend.

Festivals these days need to distinguish themselves. It isn’t just about the music or the rides (and it certainly isn’t about the $15 pretzels), but about a community getting together and experiencing all kinds of art.

The Robert James Company has had a significant role in that change, especially in recent years. From giant, beautifully lit yet temporary cherry blossom statues at the Electric Daisy Carnivals  to permanent installations on highrises in New York City, Robert James has quite the experience for any project.

Just take a peek at his website and I’m sure you will be convinced his talent is a great asset to make your next project unique.