President’s Day – The Most Popular of Holidays!

One of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, Presidents Day is a time to… not be able to mail a package or swing by the bank. Perhaps it’s time we try to make it a little more fun than just a way to delay some minor chores.

Getts-website-banner-11314Of course you will have to start off with a classic presidential wig, and perhaps some colonial period clothing and furniture to set the scene. I for one may even check out American Duchess Company for some shoes that would fit the time period but were made to fit properly.

tn_1200_ceramic_tower.jpgOnce everything is together we can set off some pyrotechnics (I’m a real sucker for fireworks) and eat some BBQ.

Who knows, maybe together we can truly celebrate Presidents Day the way our Founding Fathers wanted us to. At the very least we will have an excuse to use some vintage beer taps I found at California Beverage.

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