Ruby’s Road Trip Visits: Bridge Furniture & Props ATL

Another place I wanted to swing by was Bridge Furniture & Props in Atlanta. Matt has been expanding to multiple states over the last couple of years and I was interested to see what they had going on here.
Claire Foley (the Atlanta location of Bridge’s manager) showed us around. Their same genre of art and contemporary furniture is also a part of the collection over in Atlanta.
IMG_4509Lighting, furniture, and more abound!
IMG_4506If you are in Atlanta, you will not regret swinging by Bridge Furniture & Props. They’ve got a great collection that won’t need to be shipped (of course they have collections in 3 states, so shipping isn’t out of the question either).

Ruby’s Road Trip Visits: Alpha Companies, Atlanta

The next spot Ruby and I swung by was Alpha Companies‘ location in Atlanta.
IMG_4460They are known for their large inventory of medical props and furniture as well as office dressing and furniture. Their location in Atlanta, GA is no exception to that.
IMG_4469 IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4483 IMG_4486
Robert Vanasco, the prop manager, was helpful in walking Ruby and I around to see what they’ve got.
Of course Ruby managed to distract a little as she’s want to do sometimes of course.
IMG_4472While Ruby rolled on the ground I managed to come across some fitness equipment that they have.

Ruby’s Road Trip Visits: Warner Bros Studios Property – Atlanta

CEO of Debbies Book, Ruby, and I had a chance to swing by some prop houses in Atlanta.

The first of which was the Warner Bros. Studios Property department branch.


Nikki, the manager of the Atlanta location, was very welcoming to Ruby before showing me around their warehouse.


It was a pleasant surprise to find so many items over here. Their already large inventory has even expanded recently due to the acquisition of a recently finished project. Nikki was happy to show me around a bit.

A nice selection of dressing and hand props, including some interesting busts:

IMG_4446 IMG_4445


(Apparently we know where some of MacGyver is being shot at).

It’s a good space with antiques, trunks and books too:

IMG_4452 IMG_4448

Like any good prop house it has range as well:


All in all, Warner Bros Atlanta location is a great stop. Of course anything over in Los Angeles can be easily shipped over too!

[Video] A Love Letter to Plywood – Breakdown of Plywood Video

My good friend Tim Hogan, the properties director at PCPA, brought this wonderful video to my attention and I felt compelled to show everyone else the video.

It is called, “A Love Letter to Plywood,” but it is much more than that. It is an excellent breakdown of the uses of plywood and an introduction to how to implement those uses.

Check out the video below:

Love Letter to Plywood. By Tom Sachs from Tom Sachs on Vimeo.

CEO of Debbies Book, Ruby the Ridgeback, Takes a Trip Across the Country

UntitledRuby the Ridgeback, CEO, COO and head of research and development over at Debbies Book, Inc., is taking a trip across the United States of America.

She’s got a blog up and running if you want to stay up to date on her travels.

RubyRoadTrip Blog

Go check it out and cheer her on. It isn’t every day that a dog drives across the US!

Memorial Day Observance 2016

Americn-flagThis Monday, in observance of Memorial Day, the office will be closed.

It’s a good time to meet with friends and family and appreciate the sacrifices many have made so we can do that.

With politics getting ever more heated, take a moment to appreciate that we can all have differing views and express them without fearing for our lives.

Also take a moment to appreciate that your weekend is 3 days long!

Retro Bicycles – The Start of a New Chapter

BOOK_ADSometimes you need to track down the right bicycle, you need it in multiples, and just can’t seem to get it in your hands. Retro-Bicycle, a new bike shop in Monrovia, is the perfect stop for you then.

With an emphasis in Schwinn Stingrays and custom builds, they’re a perfect stop for that one of a kind bike or the multiples you need for that shoot.

They recently sent out a press release about their desire to work with the industry. To know more, read below:

Retro Bicycles Starts a New Chapter

Los Angeles, CA, May 12, 2016 – Sean Caro, president of Retro Bicycles, is leading the cycle-centric company towards the entertainment industry.

Retro Bicycles has begun expanding as an independent prop house that specializes in “old-Skool” Schwinn stingrays, banana seats, springer forks, shifters, flower baskets, white walls and more. “We also have a large selection of period bikes, beach cruisers, 3-wheelers and lowriders,” says Sean.

From custom bicycle designs to classic styles the people at Retro Bicycles are ready to serve your cycle needs, on time and on budget.

Retro Bicycles Press Release


23rd Annual SDSA Awards Luncheon

IMG_0505This last Sunday the Biltmore Hotel was spilling over with set decorators. Not for any production, not for their regularly scheduled feeding, but for the Set Decorator’s Society of America’s annual awards luncheon.

IMG_0502Around 11 o’clock set decorators, prop house employees, friends and family began to mill around the silent auctions filled with great pieces of artwork while chatting with each other. A beautiful balloon archway greeted every person as they arrived.

Many awards were given out, including to Adrianna Cruz-Ocamo at U-Frame-It Gallery, Fred Arens and Jason Duguay at Ob-jects, and Advanced Liquidators.

The Lifetime Achievement Award of 2016 went to Ann D. McCulley, an incredibly accomplished veteran of set decoration. Her speech was a perfect mix of inspiration and wisdom, showing this award was justly earned.

As per usual there were raffle prizes handed and swag bags full of pens and what appear to be rubber duckies from NEST. Here’s to another fruitful year for the prop industry!

Folkmanis Puppets – Puppet & Toy Maker Celebrates 40th Anniversary

horizontalcenteredlogo_1976For four decades now Folkmanis Puppets has successfully brought life to the plush. From stage puppets to finger puppets they have experience making all kinds of cartoonish to lifelike puppets.

It’s always exciting to hear about good companies that have established themselves well enough to expand their reach across the globe and Folkmanis is among them. For the industry they have worked with a myriad of productions, and theaters have benefited from their inventory.

Have an event where you want everyone to get a puppet? Talk to them about their wholesale availability.


You can read a snippet of their recent press release below:

(EMERYVILLE, CA) Folkmanis® Puppets is ecstatic at the recent induction of the “puppet” into the Toy Hall of Fame. The good news coincides with the specialty toy maker’s 40 anniversary, marking four successful decades of puppet innovation that has catapulted the boutique brand to premier status in the toy industry. By all accounts, Folkmanis has achieved the pinnacle of success in their mission to bring this ancient art form to the masses and transform it into a popular modern plaything.

“For forty years we have taken great pride in providing classic, evergreen toys that are a mainstay in toy collections around the globe,” says Maria Fortez, Marketing Manager. “We endeavor to keep pushing the boundaries in plush puppets as we uncover new sources for inspiration.” (more…)

Oprah Winfrey Announces ‘Debbies Book – 28th Edition’ As New Pick for Oprah’s Book Club

OprahBookDB“I have never read a book like this before,” Oprah says about The 28th Edition of Debbies Book, the entertainment and event industries’ most recent publication of rental and purchase resources.

In the April issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, Oprah describes the latest installment of the directory as “incredibly helpful in finding those difficult items, and perfect for newcomers to the Los Angeles area,” and recounts her first time reading the latest edition.

“I was on the couch and wondering where on earth I was going to find a chastity belt rental and a fortune-teller machine. I was calling everyone I could think of when it occurred to me, I have the most recent edition of Debbies Book. I had to use it. One of my deepest pleasures in life is knowing there are more resources out there than I could possibly remember. I started reading through the whole directory, page by page. So when I got to the last 100 pages, I slowed down, taking a break every 20 pages or so to savor; lingering over sentences like ‘Steam punk, Victorian copper and brass rolling control panels, consoles with gauges, levers and hand controls.’ By midafternoon I was done. Too soon.

When I found out that Debbies Book is almost 40 years old, I thought, Wow. This directory has almost everything. There’s no other explanation for such a vivid, searing resource directory that penetrates through the page to the reader’s last minute rental needs. No question about it. I couldn’t wait to announce The 28th Edition of Debbies Book as my latest Oprah’s Book Club (OBC) pick.”

Grab a copy of your own Debbies Book here!