2Q==-8It’s no secret anymore. Ob•jects is on the move to the valley.

Coming this November they will be joining a similar location to many other exceptional Hollywood Prop Houses over by the Burbank Airport. It is a much larger space than they had before with newly installed fans to keep everyone (and everything) cool. Ob•jects should be settled in their new locale by November 4th.

You need something now do you? Not to worry of course. Their original location is still open all the way up to then. So swing by, give Fred a congratulatory hug, and go rent yourself some beautiful Contemporary Furniture, Bedroom Decorations and Furniture, Glassware, and all manner of other cool things hiding under their roof.

If you missed the official announcement, you can read it in an article released in the San Fernando Business Journal this week. Here is a link and enjoy the read (though it will require a subscription).


Web: www.ob-jects.com

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  1. I have a variety of antique nautical collection. I am willing to rent out for props. Unfortunately I do not have pictures on my website. My website has few pictures of the type on Knotical Art that I make. And where to purchase, but I can email pictures of my items. If needed. I am in the process of upgrading my website, and clients will be able to see my exclusive items. I have pre WW2 nautical, binnacles, helms, steering stations, port holes, 14 foot size ship models, diving helmets, compasses, diving boots, ships clocks, pirate ship ladders, etc.

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