NBCUniversal Television Asset Center

NBCUniversal Set Retnals Display AdMany places rent fully dressed sets out. Once you have the props you can take them to the location and shoot it. However, not just anyone will let you use their entire custom jail cell set… or let you take it with you for that matter.

NBCUniversal Television Asset Center has the type of prison with that classical iron, steel, and concrete look that fully embodies the mood of being locked away, never to escape! Of course they aren’t limited to just prison sets.

Cabins, churches, commercial bathrooms, courtrooms, elevators, lobbies, medical interiors, offices, and so much more are available as set rentals. Decades of scenery and set pieces have been collected in this neat spot!

If you need a spot and you need it now you don’t have to look much further. They will bring the location you need TO you.

Website: https://nbcutvassetcenter.com