Modern Props

vYyE62spfN7GY7+9nQjra0p53sCAAAOw==What’s in a name? You’d think that all you’d find at Modern Props are futuristic and modern items for rent. Not true. Just perusing their chair selection online, you’ll see everything from hand-carved Rococo style to low lounge modern.

There’s also dressing for a variety of settings. Modern Props can dress an airport from lobby chairs to the ticket counter. And those Eames public seating airport benches are polished and ready to fly, as well as some walk through metal detectors.

But you should really swing by to see the collection because the Web never does justice to the quality and quantity Modern has. That’s one of the great things about Modern – they have multiples in their inventory, perfect for dressing a large space.

And not to worry, Modern has an extremely large selection of accessories for all the smalls you’ll need too, including some interesting unique items like their Santa Claus Lamps