Lehman’s Non-Electric Items

2Q==-48It’s the first morning of your week-long trek through the back woods when you realized you forgot to grind the coffee beans before setting out to commune with nature. This could go bad very quickly. But then your camping buddy saves the day and the trip with an old-fashion coffee grinder from Lehman’s Non-Electric Items, and you suddenly realize why you’re best friends.

Let’s give credit to Lehman’s too. The store is a glimpse into the past filled with old-fashioned, non-electric merchandise that it ships all over the world. It was 1955 when Jay Lehman opened his store to serve the local Amish and others without electricity. Meanwhile, the rest of us were enjoying Lady and the Tramp, Rebel without a Cause, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and I Love Lucy.

Those are all pieces of classic Americana now. Just like the items you’ll find at Lehman’s.

Website: www.lehmans.com