LCW Props Wants You to Know They’re Here for You

LCW Props is Here for You! Do they mean psychologically during these trying times? Maybe, though I am sure they mostly mean their inventory, friendly employees, and locations are all available to work with. LCW Props recently acquired a LOT of science fiction over the last few months and they want everyone to know it’s ready.

In their second location (that’s correct they have a second location in Los Angeles; 4640 Sperry St, Los Angeles, CA 90039) they have a huge collection of space travel and lab stuff. Let’s just say that when you get there you will probably be able to figure out where it came from. Those newly acquired items don’t even include all of the lab props, lab equipment, and more over at their main warehouses on San Fernando Rd.

To remind everyone they’re ready and available LCW Props also put together a fun animated gif. Everyone loves animated gifs. What’s that? You want to see the animated gif? Well here it is:

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