Jet Sets – Just Imagine Research Library

9k=-49So you just want to look at a book and get some good old fashioned research out of the way? 9k=-50Well Jet Sets is a lot more than just a Scenery and Set Construction hub. Look no further than Jet Sets Research library.

Jet Sets is a perfect place to stop by for graphics, scenic painting, custom construction, and effects. What many don’t know about, however, is that they have a ton of books and you can always find someone on staff who can help you. They do have a lot of  research books to look through, over 7,000 in total!Z-42

There is also a dedicated space for an entire art department to work and create when your team works with Jet Sets. So stop by to look and feel free to bring your project over, and while they are working on that go check out their library.