Industry Tape

9k=-18An Art department’s dream is realized with Industry Tape.

How cool is this! No residue. No more cleaning up your gear, camera, or set items. Finally. Everyone can think of a time when they are trying to get the gunk off their stuff after having to put tape all over it. You know that Grrrrrrr feeling right… been there done that. Well try a roll of Industry Tape.

It easily comes off the roll, tears without hassle (even better than duct tape), and leaves no residue sticking to your fingers.

You can reuse the tape with no worries, and then reuse it again and again until the adhesive wears out. If all of that isn’t convincing enough, like everything nowadays it comes in different colors: shiny or dull, double faced, spike tape, and in multiple colors… it really is so cool, so check it out.