IDF Studio Scenery Relocation After Fire

After a fire at IDF Studio Scenery burned down their building on Lankershim late Friday night, November 1st, our first thoughts after hearing everyone was safe. Once we were assured people were not harmed our thoughts immediately led to wonder where they would move.

According to Jane and Michael, they are still open and available for more custom and rental scenery orders as we speak. They will be in a temporary space in North Hollywood until approximately February – but again, their services are still available!

So whether it’s a need for custom backings/scenery, set construction or rentals don’t leave IDF out of your rotation. They are working harder than ever to keep the lights on. It’s just that those lights have just moved since early November.

IDF Rental Catalog

Contact Info:

IDF Studio Scenery
(818) 982-7433
Call for Appointment,
North Hollywood, CA, 91605
IDF Studio Scenery specializes in custom construction of sets, props and specialty items for TV, film, theatrical productions and corporate trade shows and event, as well as set rentals.

If you would like to have your company/production featured contact us! | (626) 797-7699

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