History for Hire Releases New Website

The Coronavirus has given many businesses time to reflect, pivot, and work on internals. History for Hire has been no different. In the works for quite some time now, the finish line has been crossed. They have a new website!

Previous customers may know that their website was a landing page with some helpful contact links and a basic breakdown of what they can offer (which is a lot more than you can include in some text). This new website brings in some very helpful utility. A searchable database of their inventory.

“But can I add items I find in their inventory to a cart and create a printable list with pricing so I can work on my budget?” you may ask. Why yes you can. In fact you can quickly make a user account too!

This is no minor feat and will of course be regularly updated as they continue to work on their inventory. You should stop by their physical location too (with proper face coverings, of course). They’ve moved around the front to be more open.

History for Hire is a premier prop house known for their regularly updated and heavily documented inventory of props from the past to now, graphics department, and friendly staff.


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