Gondola Adventures – When You Need the Moon to Hit Your Eye Like a Pizza Pie; on a Budget


It would be nice to be able to film everything that takes place in Venice actually IN Venice, Italy, but alas.

Stupid budgets.

BUT if your script (or romantic getaway) requires a gondola, those flat bottomed rowing boats where the guy pushes the loving couple through the picturesque floating city, then at least you have that covered.

Gondola Adventures has authentic Venetian gondolas that come with almost as authentic Venetian rowers. To top it off they are also the only providers on the West Coast of Venetian Wedding Gondolas, the more ornately decorated relative of the gondola genus. On the more modern side of the same boat ancestry is the “Neo-Venetian”, a silently motorized gondola for the modern man (plus it has a handy sun canopy).

So whether you are remaking a Venetian cityscape or planning a romantic evening in Newport Harbor call Gondola Adventures. It stings WAY less than hitting your eyeballs with pizza and looks a lot better on film.

Website: www.gondola.com