FIDM Students visit History for Hire (and so Does Debbie!)

FIDM HFH 5-2015 # 1Laura Richarz, Set Decorator extrodinaire of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and True Blood, is once again teaching a new generation of possible set decorators at FIDM. The classes are designed to help new designers understand many creative career opportunities and gain insights into those businesses. These ones are specifically working towards a greater understanding of Set Decoration in Film and Television.

FIDM HFH 5-2015 # 2On Saturday May 23rd she took her class to History for Hire. The students were incredibly lucky to be given a private tour from one of the owners, Pam Elyea. She showed them around their immense (and painstakingly cataloged) prop house. They also had a chance to get a quick look at their design department where labels, pamphlets, posters and more are available and sometimes created from scratch. Not to mention the fabrication department (the very same one that made all of The Titanic life preservers and ticker tape machines for Lincoln).

I was also invited to open up my knowledge to the students and answer any questions they may have about local prop houses, how the business works, and what it entails to become a union member. Of course it didn’t hurt to talk about the new website, updated apps, as well as the newest book and e-book.