DeRouchey Foam

Have foam, will travel.

1f62a1_b16c2444db78a6a6c76b5b137f49c5d6.png_srz_p_145_145_75_22_0.50_1.20_0DeRouchey Foam’s mobile operation meets your production needs with its reliable foam products and services. DeRouchey has a library of molds of various textures and surfaces, allowing them to recreate rock and cave walls, brick, trees, pilings, aged wood and other hardscapes. Besides urethane coating, FlexCoat is also available for waterproofing for things like water tanks built on soundstages.

For you sculptors out there, DeRouchey’s Burbank/Glendale facility has affordable sculpting bays, foam blocks and spray coatings to meet your artistic needs too.

Check out there info as I’m sure you are foaming at the mouth in excitement over what they have to offer.