David’s Rug Gallery

Davids Rug Gallery Display AdSo an attractive, well-dressed lady walks into a rug store (no not me silly). Finding the perfect Persian rug, she walks up and bends down to feel the texture, when suddenly tragedy strikes… she farts! Her face is lobster red with embarrassment, and when she turns around as slow as a horror movie victim to see if she’s caught, the second worst thing ever happens… an employee is right behind her! As a diversion she asks him the cost of the rug she was checking, and the man says: “Lady if you farted just touching it, you’re gonna crap your pants when you hear what the price is!”

Ok, so we’ve all hear the Persian Rug joke. But the best thing about David’s Rug Gallery is that you can RENT them (especially the Persian rugs). Making them perfect for the industry, and any budget! Anyway he’s got Indian, Turkish, Pakistani, you name it and David’s Rug Gallery has got it covered – your floor that is (or your wall… or your horror movie victim in route to the desert).

Website: http://bit.ly/DavidsRugGallery