Chris G TV Inc.

2Q==-7Wearing many hats, traveling, and a keen eye has served Chris Giammalvo well. With years of experience in many production fields including Carpentry, Painting, Decorating, and finally designing, he was finally able to start Chris G TV.

Z-7As the creative mind behind Chris G TV, Chris was brought to Los Angeles to work with Crank Yankers on Comedy Central. He has since been the creative secret behind scenery/set construction on networks and productions such as Nickelodeon, Deadliest Warrior, Kid’s Choice Awards and numerous music videos & live events. He also has a warehouse of previous work that is available as scenery/set rentals!

I know I always wonder how anyone comes up with those unusual designs on many of the sets out there, and I’m sure you do too. With Chris’s experience as a creative production designer and the skills that are needed for all aspects of a service design shop (from concept, construction and execution) why don’t you just ask him yourself?