Chatting with Enchanted Studio Props LCC

Entrance to Enchanted Studio Props
Entrance to Enchanted Studio Props

I stopped by Enchanted Studio Props to check in on them. They’ve been up and running in Burbank for almost a year now and I was excited to see what they were up to. Moving an operation over from New Mexico is no small feat!

Well, needless to say, if you haven’t visited Enchanted Studio Props since their opening over here on the coast you should zip over and check out their inventory. They have certainly grown. With an expandable space that can adapt as they grow, Daphne and Dave Benavides have an opportunity to keep growing as they find new talent.

Vase plz!

As is the case with so many people in our industry, both Daphne and Dave are not newcomers to the arts in general. Daphne was a performing arts instructor and Dave has been working in the film/tv industry for years, so he brings an experienced eye when finding talent. This has meant they have come across many people to add. You will come across at their space many fresh new artist’s works from California’s central coast, San Diego, New Mexico and many other locales.

Some of the most recent acquisitions represented in their inventory come straight out of the Los Angeles Brewery, many that are not previously known. Their artworks are great additions to their collection of abstract, landscapes, still life, photography and more.

Go stop by, give Daphne a high-five (maybe even Dave will be there), and browse what’s available. It never hurts to keep an eye out for fresh pieces of art!

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