Where to Find Gambling Equipment, Dressing and Dealers

Everyone who is anyone is there. Glasses are overflowing with champagne from bottles worth more than the average income of the lower classes in his district. Girls, music and gambling abound. Poker tables, blackjack, roulette, the works.

The shady mayor is running for reelection. He’s a shoe-in, no one dares to run against him. That’s why undercover cop Hugh Watcherself is here. The mayor is always good to those that are in his posse and Hugh finally got an in. All of the mayor’s cronies get on to the “fundraising” event boat to start off his campaign with a bang. Hopefully no one suspects Detective Watcherself…

L. A. Party Works - Casino Night
L. A. Party Works – Casino Night

Everyone knows gambling equipment. Heck most people have stepped into at least one casino at some point (others quite a few casinos in the last week). It makes sense that casinos should have all the necessary gizmos, gadgets and accessories but where does a production or event get them?

It’s just one dang scene/event so no one needs to buy them! Why take a gamble with a random company when you can just ask Debbies Book?

L. A. Party Works
Eric and his company love putting on events, both on the stage and IRL, of every kind. Sports themed, magicians, clowns and more. One of their specialties, however, is a gambling theme. Roulette tables, poker tables, blackjack and more, LA Party Works has what you’re looking for.

Dealer Dolls
A unique Gambling Equipment event service, Dealer Dolls doesn’t just specialize with inventory, they come with talent. With a fully trained staff that can work everything from a small private event at home to a large-scale fundraiser or network event, they have the know-how, the costumes, and the equipment to make it happen.

R. C. Vintage
Always masters of the vintage and retro, RC Vintage doesn’t stop at that specialization when it comes to gambling equipment. Slot machines, craps tables, casino chips and everything else you need from a time not too long ago can be nabbed over there.

Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven
Prop Heaven has a few emphases, and gambling equipment is one of them. Slot machines and card tables are here to rent.

It’s a Deal
Poker tables, craps tables, pai gow tables and much more await anyone who needs to rent them. It’s A Deal is here for all an event or production’s gambling needs, and can even provide custom felts, cards and stools for you.

Honorable Mentions:

Hand Prop Room – Antique and vintage cards, chips, racks, keepers and more.
CP Valley – Slot machines, gambling tables, chip racks and even a raffle drum!
Sony Pictures Studios Prop House (Off Lot) – Cribbage equipment, dominoes cases, lotto games, raffle equipment.

Jules Sylvester’s Reptile Rentals – Scale Up Your Next Production

Snakes on a Plane(Sinaloan Milk Snake)If your scene calls for numerous snakes slithering about, or perhaps a room full of creepy spiders, Jules Sylvester’s Reptile Rentals has what you need.

For over 30 years, they have been a “go to” company for performing reptiles, specializing in snakes, insects, lizards, alligators and of course much more. They also offer a snake catching service if there is the possibility of unwanted visitors on location that are not part of their reptile team.

Website: www.reptilerentals.com

L. A. Circus – A Circus Resource for Everything but the Audience

PrintIf you are looking for all things circus for your next film, commercial, or other event, then you are looking for L.A. Circus.

Wagons, tents, banners, clown outfits and carousel horses are just a sampling of the items they have in their vast inventory. They have consistently been featured in numerous films and television shows (including the last American Horror Story: Freak Show season). Need clown costumes and more to dress your actors too? They have a large selection of all kinds of circus costumes to choose from.

With years of experience in the actual circus industry, their staff can definitely help you achieve that big top to wow for your next project. And who knows, you just might be inspired to run away and join the circus.

Website: www.lacircus.com

CBS Graphics – Graphics Design, Printing, Hand Props and Beyond!

cbs-graphics-logo“We Love Work”… and when you browse through the list of services their graphic design and print production facility provides, it’s clear that the folks at CBS Graphics stand by that phrase.

That is also why it’s no surprise that their work has been seen on every network, as well as in feature films and commercials. HOWEVER, something many people don’t know is that CBS Graphics will work on any project. That includes all jobs outside of the entertainment industry!

With years of experience in the graphics business, their team can meet your television, commercial and retail business needs.

Website: www.cbs-graphics.com

California Beverage – ‘Tap’ Into a Great Beverage Dispensing Resource

1414211203-5valvemushtowerWith the hot days we have been having, the thought of enjoying a tasty cold beverage can’t be overlooked. Whether you are in need of prop equipment, or functioning beverage systems to satisfy your beer and soda craving, the folks at California Beverage can help you out.

They have been servicing the restaurant and entertainment industry for over 40 years, and carry both vintage and modern equipment. This includes soda fountain dressing all the way to bar dressing; so from kegs and taps to soda dispensers you are sure to find plenty to quench your thirst.

Website: www.californiabev.com

Living Art Aquatic Design, Inc. – No One Likes Sad Fish

logo-1An addition of a colorful aquarium or outdoor pond can really liven up an environment. And with so many unique and wildly creative ideas that can be turned into reality these days, it’s nice to have someone with the experience and knowledge of aquatic design so you don’t end up with a flood of water and very sad fish.

No one ever wants sad fish.

For over 40 years, the folks at Living Art Aquatic Design have been working with a variety of clients creating custom aquariums and ponds. Their services include freshwater and saltwater set-ups, water features for ponds, tank maintenance and more. Not to mention they actually have quite a few fish too!

Website: www.aquatic2000.com

Tractor Vision Scenery & Rentals – From Doors and Floors to so Much More

show_photo-3Isn’t it great to find out you have more options than you thought possible?

Tractor Vision Scenery & Rentals can always fabricate the set you need, but it’s always better (not to mention cheaper and way faster) to just rent what you need.

If you swing over to their website and glance at their rentals the first thing you will realize right off the bat is they have 39 doors to choose from (and more not even uploaded), not to mention the available floors, walls and other items available for rent.

Need a clean hardwood floor for your set? Easy enough, what about a grungy porch flooring? Available too.

Of course they also have scenic artists, large format printing, and event design available so don’t even think of putting them in a corner (unless of course you’re putting their walls or flooring in a corner, that would make sense actually).

Website: tractorvision.com

Robert James Company – Art Installations and Metalwork that Will Wow

c7b6bfce64f37b4661b451b49844a279The festival market has been booming. Gone are the days of only a few festivals a year such as Coachella, here to seemingly stay are the massive and often niche festivals happening on what feels like every weekend.

Festivals these days need to distinguish themselves. It isn’t just about the music or the rides (and it certainly isn’t about the $15 pretzels), but about a community getting together and experiencing all kinds of art.

The Robert James Company has had a significant role in that change, especially in recent years. From giant, beautifully lit yet temporary cherry blossom statues at the Electric Daisy Carnivals  to permanent installations on highrises in New York City, Robert James has quite the experience for any project.

Just take a peek at his website and I’m sure you will be convinced his talent is a great asset to make your next project unique.

Website: www.robertjamesstudio.com

Chris G TV – Set Construction to Full Blown Production Design

sequestered10_largeProduction Design – Realizing a style and theme for sets, props and locations that is aligned with a director’s (and others’) vision.

Chris G TV can get what you need done. Chris Giammalvo is a Local 800 member with over 14 years of experience in the industry. From designing and set construction to the whole production design he’s made a business out of getting a vision done right.

fitness11_largeThey have everything from carpenters and plasterers to set decorators and graphic designers waiting for your next project. They have a wide berth of experience too. From working with the Kids Choice Awards and on location home shoots to workout videos and McDonalds commercials, they can do it.

Of course sometimes you just need some scene flats or a bit of CNC routing. All of this can be provided by Chris G TV. So for your next project, whether a web series or a full production, you should drop him a call. You’d be surprised what they can accomplish.

Website: www.chrisg.tv

Sandy Rose Floral – It’s Best to Stick with the Pros

gennixonIsn’t it nice to have someone who understands? Someone who ‘gets it’ and will work with your schedule.

Well too bad florists don’t, they’re so busy dancing around in the fields and smelling the roses. Not all of them though, and Sandy Rose Floral is one of those.

With more than 25 years specifically working with set decorators they are the go to source for floral arrangements, silk flowers and floral display props around. Need something that can withstand the heat of filming lights? spiderman3They’re on it. Need a wedding by tomorrow? They will wish those characters the best of luck on their rather risky decision to marry and arrive with everything they will need.

Experience is important, especially in a business with incredibly short turnarounds and odd schedules so don’t put your scene at risk. Let Sandy Rose Florals bloom!

Website: www.sandyrose.com