Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles – 2015

Selected-Pictures-for-Post-card-and-booklet-0794-e1367974422646Over at The Studios at Paramount, an expo is brewing. Starting today and continuing on through some of the weekend there will be lighting, camera equipment, sound editing companies and much more showcased by vendors of all shapes and sizes.

Action Drone, a fabricator of light-weight, folding, traveling, carbon fiber quadcopters for professionals will be there to show off their latest toys (I mean equipment for the filming industry), Pelican Cases will be there to display their quality (albeit pricey) safety cases for all kinds of gear, and ModTruss will show off their inventive modular truss system limited “only by your imagination”.

Of course there will also be panels, screenings, and the ever necessary swag.

It’s a great conference that I’ve always enjoyed so I hope to see some of you there! I’ll be wandering around like a kid in a conference full of gadgets!


Bill Ferrell Co.

15f829_4ce47ce1dcd5d7dbc15a9cd3f10c40cf.jpg_srz_p_468_335_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Bill Ferrell Co. and his crew bring bold, creative visions to life with portable stages, turntables, lifts, and mechanical and confetti effects that his team creates for commercials, TV, film, theatrical productions and large corporate events.

15f829_77f3d3eecf9d4909b156ad19051eb0ef.jpg_srz_p_468_335_75_22_0.50_1.20_0American Idol, the Academy Awards, Blue Man Group, Princess Cruises—these are just a few of Bill Ferrell’s clients. Did you know Bill got his start in entertainment with “The Greatest Show on Earth”? Well that magic theatrical flair still shines through (with a LOT of confetti).


Beckman Rigging/BRS Rigging

top_02Although it may appear this way on screen, actors don’t magically fly without “assistance” and cameras that capture those amazing scenes don’t operate by themselves. There is a considerable amount of work and equipment that is involved in the setup of many productions. When looking for a provider of this service, you definitely want someone with experience and quality products, or your actor may be flying “unassisted”.

BRS Rigging is a specialist in rigging and flying setups, and can help you with your next project. They have a large inventory of well maintained rental equipment, and experienced staff to ensure that safety is never compromised. They are conveniently located in Gardena, and offer product delivery worldwide as well.


Upstage Parallels

Upstage Parallel Display AdIn high school we used wooden blocks to stack and hold orchestras or actors for plays… similar to Legos, or Linkin Logs. People fell, we all laughed, audiences cheer harder, it was all good fun!

However, at some point in performing arts every part of the industry becomes more professional, and more importantly, more safe (thankfully). Upstage Parallels – having staged for the Emmys, Grammys, Academy awards and American Idol – is the definition of professional. Olympus Has Fallen might not have fallen… and it might not have rained cats-n-dogs at that pet grooming contest if they had simply had Upstage Parallels under them!

So if you remember hoping you didn’t get the wobbly booster, or if to this day you always do the orangutan-bounce-test on temporary stages before committing your weight because of traumatic wobbler experiences… come to Upstage Parallels for piece of mind. They can provide you with steel deck, multistage, folding parallels, and so much more.

If competitors on Dancing With The Stars can dance on them without fail, it means anyone can!


Industry Tape

9k=-18An Art department’s dream is realized with Industry Tape.

How cool is this! No residue. No more cleaning up your gear, camera, or set items. Finally. Everyone can think of a time when they are trying to get the gunk off their stuff after having to put tape all over it. You know that Grrrrrrr feeling right… been there done that. Well try a roll of Industry Tape.

It easily comes off the roll, tears without hassle (even better than duct tape), and leaves no residue sticking to your fingers.

You can reuse the tape with no worries, and then reuse it again and again until the adhesive wears out. If all of that isn’t convincing enough, like everything nowadays it comes in different colors: shiny or dull, double faced, spike tape, and in multiple colors… it really is so cool, so check it out.


Brown-United Grandstands & Staging

2Q==-34Every year I as watch the Rose Parade and see those bleachers filled with onlookers, I think of Brown United Grandstands & Staging and know they’ve been rigging those stands for weeks.

9k=-27From concerts and festivals to sporting events, Brown United rigs stages, bleachers, grandstands, support towers, temporary soundstages and more for about 800 events per year worldwide. Talk about experience and expertise! From the X Games to Coachella to the Queen Mary’s Ice Kingdom, from Billy Graham’s Crusades to even the Pope, wherever a public spectacular is happening, chances are Brown United has set the stage for a safe and rousing good time.


Beckman Rigging / BRS Rigging

9k=-289k=-29When you need to fly someone or something through the air, you not only want the best effect you can get but also the safest. That means you want BRS Rigging.

2Q==-35With over 18 years of experience, from live events to features, television and commercials, BRS Rigging has a high-flying list of credits: 2Q==-36the Spiderman films (not the musical mind you), The Bourne Ultimatum, the Fear Factor TV series, and many more. Stunt rigging, theatrical rigging, decking, flying camera rigs, climbing systems and fall protection – the experts at BRS Rigging offer all this and more.