Global Effects Inc.

Got a project set in space? Don’t leave the planet without stopping at Global Effects. You’ll find top-notch replicas of current and historic NASA space suits as well as Russian space suits and more. And should the script calls for intergalactic warfare or quarantine from an alien contagion, you’ll need some high-tech body armor and bio-hazard suits. A trip to Global Effects Inc. is a must.

Chris Gilman is always willing to fill you in on the history of armor and space. His collection of research books is invaluable ― a great backup to finding the answer to your questions. No need to Google when you have Global Effects dispelling the myths about medieval knights and the history of man and space.

Global Effects also rents animal and creature costumes, as well as sci-fi props. In 1991, Gilman and his team won a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for developing their “cool suit,” an actor climate system that regulates the temperature inside those creature costumes.

Check out the website or give them a call to find out more about all the services available.

Global Effects, Inc.

BASAW Manufacturing

And when you crate it, for Pete’s sake, don’t break it! Ship it right. Go to BASAW. That’s what BASAW Manufacturing has been doing for 45 years. In 2000, I got a call from Robert asking me when he can get in my book. “Well,” I said, “Show me your stuff.” And that he did. Crate after crate after crate!

Need to ship a dinosaur across the world? What about anti-terrorist equipment, museum-quality artwork, or that special vehicle for a cross country show? BASAW has state-of-the-art crating solutions for every situation and experience in crating and fabricating crates for any over-sized product, sensitive equipment, or items of all kind!

Sometimes it’s good to stay think inside the box!

Basaw Manufacturing, Inc.

Dream Woodshop

While visiting USITT I was directed towards a particular blog by Eric Hart. One of his latest posts shares a video that I felt compelled to share as well. The blog is a terrific resource for prop manufacturing and an interesting look into some of his projects.

The video he links to is a short piece showing off a magnificent wood working shop. It also shows that some actors do work off the screen. Here is the video on Nick Offerman (of Parks and Rec.) and his workshop put together by Fine Woodworking. Not your typical construction projects for theatre or home use but certainly an artisan of note.

Click here if you do not see the video.