Great New Invention – The Gaff Gun

I’m always a fan of new inventions, especially ones that make life simpler.

My friend Tim Hogan of PCPA recently emailed me a video of this sweet gadget. Instead of having to get on your hands and knees to lay wire and tape it down, you just walk!

Check out the video below to see it in action. According to the video they will start shipping out orders in December.


Airwaves Wireless

4fNN65N2zmZvAAAAAASUVORK5CYII=The crew of White House Down certainly had no fear of losing wireless communication on set. Why? Because they used Airwaves Wireless to keep connected. Yes, the airwaves might have been full of choppers and airplane communications, but the production’s smartphones and mobile walkie-talkies were up and running strong.

So the next time you need wireless communication equipment—smartphones, satellite phones, mobile internet, walkie-talkies and more—check out Airwaves Wireless.


Industry Tape

9k=-18An Art department’s dream is realized with Industry Tape.

How cool is this! No residue. No more cleaning up your gear, camera, or set items. Finally. Everyone can think of a time when they are trying to get the gunk off their stuff after having to put tape all over it. You know that Grrrrrrr feeling right… been there done that. Well try a roll of Industry Tape.

It easily comes off the roll, tears without hassle (even better than duct tape), and leaves no residue sticking to your fingers.

You can reuse the tape with no worries, and then reuse it again and again until the adhesive wears out. If all of that isn’t convincing enough, like everything nowadays it comes in different colors: shiny or dull, double faced, spike tape, and in multiple colors… it really is so cool, so check it out.


Lehman’s Non-Electric Items

2Q==-48It’s the first morning of your week-long trek through the back woods when you realized you forgot to grind the coffee beans before setting out to commune with nature. This could go bad very quickly. But then your camping buddy saves the day and the trip with an old-fashion coffee grinder from Lehman’s Non-Electric Items, and you suddenly realize why you’re best friends.

Let’s give credit to Lehman’s too. The store is a glimpse into the past filled with old-fashioned, non-electric merchandise that it ships all over the world. It was 1955 when Jay Lehman opened his store to serve the local Amish and others without electricity. Meanwhile, the rest of us were enjoying Lady and the Tramp, Rebel without a Cause, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and I Love Lucy.

Those are all pieces of classic Americana now. Just like the items you’ll find at Lehman’s.


Silent Bags

There was a time when bags—grocery bags, paper bags, potato chip bags—might have been the bane of a sound person’s existence. But thanks to Silent Bags, noisy sacks have been banished from set. No more fixing it in post.

Created for prop masters by property master Tim Schultz, Silent Bags are made of a very durable and printable fabric. Silent Bags also makes silent candy wrappers, cellophane, manila envelopes, sandwich bags and more.

Check out the website to special order or to find out a retail outlet.

‘Quiet on set, please!’

Where’s My Cup Holder?

Long ago and far away, in the early ‘70s, I worked with a prop master on the Norman Lear shows named Tim Schultz. Since then, Tim has gone on to bigger film and TV shows and, along the way, has created tools of the trade to fill those unmet needs in the property department.

indexWhere’s My Cup Holder is just one of the many items that Tim has fabricated. No more hassles with metal cup holders. These beverage caddies are durable and collapsible. They accommodate any size cup or bottle and, best of all, they stay in place.

Yes, you prop masters can thank Tim (again) for making the job just a little easier. But it’s not just prop departments that benefit. Hey, you camera crews! Is that Where’s My Cup Holder I see on your dollies?


Eric Hart Prop Master and Artisan

Where did they get all those props? And how did they make them?  Eric Hart has gone 3-dimensional with his new book The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film and TV.

2Q==-58Published by Focal Press, Eric focuses on the skills of prop builders and artisans. He gives you the tools & techniques used, both historical and contemporary, for fabricating props. The extent of his explanations is immense: mock-ups, patterns, and construction drawings, he covers it all.

Eric’s blog is a must read for any artisan who wants to follow their creative talents into the work of Theatre, Film and TV.

Check out Eric Hart’s New Book The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film and TV


Western Studio Service, Inc

2Q==-80Western Studio Services provides storage for much of the entertainment industries’ treasured set pieces.

With locations throughout the Southland you never know what may be behind a warehouse or airplane hanger.

They provide an unequaled amount of services: Storage, from personal storage to huge warehouses for full set pieces, Transportation rentals for those hard to move pieces, personal inventory by request where employees will take exact inventory of every item that passes through the gates for you. They even have some shooting locations including a complete office with kitchenette.Z-62

Whatever your next project, chances are Western Studio Services can help make it happen, and hold on to whatever you need next time.

Here’s a little view in a hanger at their Playa Vista location.


Apropos Interiors

Need to hide behind a mask, or have a character that has a collection of masks? If so better zip over to Apropos Interiors and check out their new collection.

Right inside the lobby on the wall they have just hung a great new selection of masks!

While you’re their you should check out some of their new headboards too, which are pretty cool.

Apropos Interiors

Western Studio Service

It was around 1975 when I first met Scott and Mark Leonard working at Metro Media on the Norman Lear Tandem T.A.T. shows; one might say the classics: “All in the Family,” “Good Times,” “One Day at a Time”…  the list goes on. It was a little factory, with tapings of sometimes eight shows a week, and the scenery was flying in and out of the stage. Set storage was a need, and was soon to be big business, as the Leonard’s took their new company, Western Studio Service, to new heights.

That was more than 30 years ago, and Western Studio Service has become the premier transportation and storage provider for the entertainment industry. There are 27 warehouses and office buildings on 5 properties throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley where WSS stores scenery, props, and set dec for every major network and studio in Hollywood. With almost 50 acres of property, WSS provides secure gated parking for trailers, show vehicles, specialty motor homes, trucks and tractors.

WSS has grown a lot over the years, but service and care continues to take top priority.

Western Studio Service, Inc.