Reynolds Advanced Materials: Smooth-On Distributor

RAMPIP-Mold-Making-Photos-3-640x360If mold making and casting is part of your creative process, then Reynolds Advanced Materials should be one of your gotos. Bring your imagination and let the folks at Reynolds help you bring it to life. The company’s materials are used for lifecasting, special effects, prop building, architectural restoration, candle making, concrete casting, taxidermy, sculpting and much more.

The folks at Reynolds also offer seminars at the company’s all 8 of their locations across the country, so check out the website for the upcoming events near you. Reynolds offers so many helpful materials. Let your imagination run wild—then run to Reynolds Advance Materials.


For All of Your Interior Fabric Needs – American Silk Mills

ASM db pic1Starting back in 1896, American Silk Mills has been a boutique weaving and design establishment that specializes in exquisite and intricate interior residential and contract fabrics. They incorporate a full service design staff as well as experienced weaving artisans to master the art of textile construction. They even work internationally with other novelty mills which has allowed for a wide breadth of products without sacrificing quality or creative design.

db asm picHeadquartered in Plains, Pennsylvania American Silk has produced yarns and unique novelty fabrics of different palettes. They are widely known for their distinctive stripes and plaids saturated by color, and the same can be said of their combed-cotton velvets (continuing the famous Cheney tradition).

Want to tweak one of the many designs or products already in American Silk Mills’ inventory? One of their great assets is allowing customers to tweak preexisting designs for their own needs or simply working with their studio staff to conjure up an original fabric.

Sensuede db picOne of their more recently championed textiles is Sensuede (along with their family of suedes). Made from recycled microfibers this new fabric manages to be both pleasing to the touch and durable, or as they say, “Able to me the most demanding applications!’

Stop by their website to get an idea of what is already available at your fingertips then give them a call. You might have just found your next “Partner in Skein”.

I know, that pun was a stretch but I wove it in pretty well.

Websites: &

Merritt Productions, Inc.

IMG_16There’s interesting stuff going on over at Merritt Productions. Doing custom fabrication, every project can be as wild as the imagination. Merritt is going into its 30th year, bringing ideas to life for advertising agencies, film production companies, photographers, marketing and design firms, theme parks and museums.IMG_18

Miniatures and model making, set construction, sculpture, prop fabrication, special effects, laser cutting and more—Merritt Productions helps you create the magic.


Green Set, Inc.

greenset_jungle2Recreating nature is what Green Set does, and they’ve been doing it since 1991. What began in rented trailers on Vanowen St. more than 23 years ago has turned into one of the largest greens business in the entertainment industry.

While maintaining its core entertainment clientele, Green Set has expanded to provide and create props and plants for weddings, conferences, tradeshows, still photography, private parties and sporting venues among other functions. Now everyone knows what the industry has known for years—leave the greenery to Green Set.


Palms Cycle Shop

logoAll bike paths lead to Palms Cycle Shop. Mountain bikes, road bikes, vintage bikes, custom bikes—you’ll find them all at Palm. Need a tune-up or a complete overhaul to your tired bicycle? Take your bike in for some love.

Blocks from Sony Studios and about a mile from Fox, Palm Cycle provides prop bikes for many productions and the shop itself is a great location rental. With expert service, the bike enthusiasts at Palm Cycle will take care of all your bicycle needs.


CBS Electronics

logo_cbs“Come on down to the Price is Right!”

CBS Electronics has game show electronics, scoreboards and scoring systems and other electronic equipment available for rent. The department also offers custom hardware and software.

You can check out these and other CBS services at the website below.


DeRouchey Foam

Have foam, will travel.

1f62a1_b16c2444db78a6a6c76b5b137f49c5d6.png_srz_p_145_145_75_22_0.50_1.20_0DeRouchey Foam’s mobile operation meets your production needs with its reliable foam products and services. DeRouchey has a library of molds of various textures and surfaces, allowing them to recreate rock and cave walls, brick, trees, pilings, aged wood and other hardscapes. Besides urethane coating, FlexCoat is also available for waterproofing for things like water tanks built on soundstages.

For you sculptors out there, DeRouchey’s Burbank/Glendale facility has affordable sculpting bays, foam blocks and spray coatings to meet your artistic needs too.

Check out there info as I’m sure you are foaming at the mouth in excitement over what they have to offer.


Sword & Stone

SwordAndStone ADMaster blacksmith Tony Swatton started Sword & Stone (aka The Sword and the Stone) over 15 years ago and has since forged (yes, I had to get that in there!) the business into a trusted source for handcrafted, historically accurate pieces.

Tony’s created weapons and armor for the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Constantine, Blade: Trinity, Beowulf, Hellboy… the list is long. You’ll also find props and costumes for rent. Whether for a production or private collector, Sword & Stone will custom design and forge the perfect piece.


Tech Works FX Studios – Now in Louisiana & California

show_photo-1If you didn’t already know, Tech Works FX Studios has set up shop in the New Orleans area, expanding its movie magic to Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and the world.

Looking for blood-thirsty horror or sci-fi wizardry? Tech Works can resurrect the dead with its jaw-dropping make-up and FX, creating mutilated corpses, walking zombies, creepy monsters and everything in-between. Or these next-generation special effects wizards will build robots, animatronic creatures, aliens and just about any other FX you need for your production.

For a quote or technical questions, give Tech Works a call. He even has experience teaching special effects!


Holiday Sale @ Sword & Stone – Also Tony Got Married!

Sword Stone Sale 2014From buckles to swords, unique weapons to armor and chainmail, Sword & Stone‘s inventory is always fun to peruse. What would make it even more fun though? What if there was a holiday sale?

Sword Stone # 1If you can make it over to their shop on Saturday, December 13th, then you will have a chance to do just that, take advantage of their holiday sale! It’s a perfect time to get your holiday gifts, including for yourself.

Tony & Karen Sword StoneAs a quick aside, guess who got married!

Why Tony [middle] of course! He is now happily married to Karen Cope [left], a sculptor who owns Cope Studios. I stopped by his smithy to give him a congratulatory hug, but I also wanted to check out what he has been working on lately. Plus it gave me a chance to share some photos with you guys!