Where to Find Astronautical Dressing & Costumes

Action Sets and Props / WonderWorks, Inc.
Action Sets and Props / WonderWorks, Inc.

You’ve finally landed on the distant planet. Something you’ve dreamed of since you were a child. The camera slowly rolls past your shoulder too look through the viewport. All the eye can see is vast, uninhabitable terrain. You’ve trained for this moment, your colleagues have too. There’s just one more thing missing before you step out on that new planet toward the unknown. You’re going to need a spacesuit.

Of course the kicker is that most places don’t carry such unique suits, let alone shuttles and other NASA dressing. If only there was a resource that helped track down the unusual, the hard to find, and occasionally the simply odd.

Oh that’s right. Debbies Book:

Action Sets and Props/Wonderworks, Inc.
Space shuttles and space stations, expertise in working with realistic effects, miniatures, spacesuits, NASA dressing, and rovers. If your next shoot involves anything space, this is where to start. From realistic replicas to fabrication of futuristic pieces Wonderworks will get you there and back in time for supper.

Global Effects
Global Effects is always a great place to stop for costumes, props and miniatures. When it comes to space, that is no less the case. Realistic and futuristic costumes abound along with creature effects, makeup effects and more. They also have some great suits of armor and other historical items.

LCW Props
LCW Props is known for being eclectic, and never in a bad way. They have a large selection of aerospace parts and test planes, and other pieces perfect for dressing a scene that needs them.

Modern Props
From the useful (think space shuttle hardware and computer panels) to the out of this galaxy (such as their pulsating futuristic lamps and passkey controls) they are perfect for getting your set to look right. They even manufacture items perfect for a spaceship bridge and assorted terminals. You will never regret stopping at Modern Props, and even less so for dressing from contemporary and beyond!

N.S. Aerospace Props
This spot is filled to the brim with rocket engines, hardware, industrial parts and much more. From newer models to antiques it is a great place to grab a lot of hardware in one place. You may not get the whole ship there but you will have plenty of parts to work with inside of a ship!

Space scenes have very specific needs, so why not go to the places that have those specific items?

Where to Find Miniatures

My Doll’s House – New Tudor House

Whether it is for a toy commercial, practical special effects, or to simply make someone look ridiculously huge, miniature buildings and sets are an important part of the industry.

It can also be a real pain to track them down, especially if you are going to need it custom built. Because of that I have created a list of a few companies that either have what you need in stock or can get the job done for you when you need it (while also looking good).

Art, Models & Props
Prop fabricators extraordinaires over at Art, Models & Props have the years of experience many people can and have counted on to make the props they need. They have an extensive list of credits that have included realistic plane models, cities, and sculptures. Reaching out to them would not be a mistake.
Website: www.artmodeltech.com

Action Sets and Props / WonderWorks
As the go to experts when it comes to space exploration (including a wonderful collection of space suits and space shuttle interiors) it’s no wonder they are also the experts on models of the same genre. From a models of the X-31 to Star Trek Voyagers Kazan ship, they’ve also dabbled in realistic miniature barns and trains!
Website: www.wonderworksweb.com

Culver Architects
Who better to ask for architectural models for a scene than architects? With decades of architectural experience (and plenty of samples at hand) Culver Architects is a great stop for picking up items that need to dress an architects office, or even a boardroom discussing a “future project”.
Website: www.carcinc.com/C_ARC/model_rentals.html

My Doll’s House
It’s always nice to see talented hobbyists turn that interest into a long and successful business. That is what they have done over at My Doll’s House. Meticulous detail is worked into every dollhouse they make. Realistic ivy growing on the side, a small “man cave” complete with woodworking materials, and faux brick you wouldn’t know was fake except that it’s on a ridiculously tiny house. Swing by them for all of your doll housing needs!
Website: www.mydollshouse.com

Merritt Productions
A custom prop fabrication company for 30 years, Merritt can get you where you need to be. Mechanical effects, model making, and special effects are their specialty. That all, of course, includes miniatures. It never hurts to have experience on your side when you are working on a project.
Website: www.merrittproductions.com

Glenn R Johnson Scale Models
If it is miniatures you need why not go to the experts in the business? From commercial buildings and military bases to residential and school models, Glenn R Johnson Scale Models has done it all. Little tiny trees, cars and fountains have all been included in their pieces in the past. When architects come to them for their skills you know they mean business.
Website: www.grjmodels.com

Sketch Paper Design
One of those “under the radar” companies, Sketch Paper Design has been quietly creating miniatures sets. From a realistic stage for a doll commercial (including lighting & gels, rigging and even drapery) to a fully realized miniature warehouse with smokestacks, these guys are getting it done.
Website: www.sketchpaperdesign.com

Of course there are plenty more, this is just a few so check out our category Miniatures/Models. I am looking to make more posts about items our users could be looking out for so let me know if you have any suggestions for the next one!

SDSA GMM – October General Membership Meeting @ Dapper Cadaver

IMG_0230As many know, if you need something macabre, sci-fi, or just plain creepy Dapper Cadaver can get it in your hands, they even fabricated with a quick turnaround!

Last Thursday they were kind enough to open their doors for another Set Decorators Society of America general membership meeting. Many of the regular things were discussed about events coming up and money raising goals but there was an emphasis on the SDSA’s involvement in the upcoming WestEdge Design Fair.IMG_0216

Some of the best moments at the meeting were comparing the costumes (as it was encouraged for all attendees to come in costume) some of which were absolutely outstanding.

IMG_0237Getting everyone under the roof for the meeting also allowed newcomers and regulars to see how Dapper Cadaver expanded their inventory to more than just the dead and post-dead. Creatures & Cultures, the newest addition to the Dapper Cadaver family, has loads of taxidermy, Egyptian artifacts, and much more (including a good collection of dinosaur skeletons and bones)!

Many thanks to Eileen and BJ for hosting a very fun soiree, and I look forward to seeing what else may be in store for their… well store.

Websites: www.dappercadaver.com & www.creaturesandcultures.com

Robert James Company – Art Installations and Metalwork that Will Wow

c7b6bfce64f37b4661b451b49844a279The festival market has been booming. Gone are the days of only a few festivals a year such as Coachella, here to seemingly stay are the massive and often niche festivals happening on what feels like every weekend.

Festivals these days need to distinguish themselves. It isn’t just about the music or the rides (and it certainly isn’t about the $15 pretzels), but about a community getting together and experiencing all kinds of art.

The Robert James Company has had a significant role in that change, especially in recent years. From giant, beautifully lit yet temporary cherry blossom statues at the Electric Daisy Carnivals  to permanent installations on highrises in New York City, Robert James has quite the experience for any project.

Just take a peek at his website and I’m sure you will be convinced his talent is a great asset to make your next project unique.

Website: www.robertjamesstudio.com

The Hand Prop Room – The One Stop Shop Near Mid City

show_photo-3Antiques, trophies, western dressing, Asian props, religious props, and many leather bound books (plus a whole lot more). The Hand Prop Room has collected it all to make your shopping easier.

There is an entire room dedicated to surveillance equipment, another for everything silver, and a whole police/swat room. Monty has also gone out of his way to make their website easy to browse, which is always a bonus. Of course like all prop houses it never hurts though to throw them a call and ask what they actually have in their inventory, it’s always more than their website. Just the other week I was looking for bear traps and sure enough they were one of the people with a few on hand.

They’ve also expanded to fabrication and graphics in the last few years. HPR Graphics can serve all of your logo, banner, and graphic design needs like any good graphics department and HPR Custom can meet all of your prop fabrication needs.

With a regularly updated inventory and the ever necessary knowledgeable staff, you’d be silly not to give them a call.

Website: www.hpr.com


D’ziner Sign Co. – A Sign of the Times

show_photo-1One-day turnaround is rarely what you want to do, but D’ziner Sign Co is ready and willing to be there with you when it’s needed.

During production, no matter how prepared everyone has been up to the day before (or the day OF) shooting it seems as if someone important is going to change their mind at the last dang second. When they do, all of a sudden that restaurant you’ve been shopping around to create needs to be a gym or, “At least something with a fitness feel to it,” (whatever THAT means).

Thankfully there are services provided by companies like D’ziner Sign Co. where your needs can be met. Plus, let’s be honest, you don’t want to be involved with that commercial for much longer than necessary.

D’ziner Sign Co. provides all manner services for creating signs, banners, car wraps, magnetic signs, real estate signs, sidewalk signs, 3D lettering, large format printing and more. Give them a call, it’s a sign of good fortune to come!

Website: www.dzinersign.com

Jet Sets – Practical Effects Can Look Digital and Awesome

Jet Sets, a prop and set construction company located in North Hollywood, has recently posted a couple of pieces they created on their blog.4005_1189x841_WM_F1_UK_P13878_R1

One of my favorites has to be their unique design of LED embedded polished acrylic. Originally their client wanted a neon frame that could be placed on a car to give the impression the car ran like a race car. After neon was deemed too fragile the team over at Jet Sets made their desire a reality with their clever implementation.

With a crack team of designers, fabricators, and all of the tools necessary to get the product out, Jet Sets has always been one of the go to companies for getting your idea completed. Onsite CNC routers, 3D printers, and a fully staffed graphics department allow them to make almost anything become a reality.

IMG_0008The next time you need anything made why not swing by and chat with their team, they’ll get your set or prop up and running before you can say, “Thanks Jet Sets, you really saved my butt on that since neon is a pretty fragile medium and the cars will be running pretty quickly. Not to mention getting there and installing it may break it before we even attempt to get the shot!”

That may be a mouthful but two sentences is actually a really fast turnaround.

Website: www.jetsets.com

Warner Bros Design Studio – One Stop Shop for More than Props

show_photoWall coverings, pamphlets, and upholstery are pretty common services that you always need done well the first time. What about the fabrication of giant hands holding a microphone (oh and they all have to look the exact same)? Maybe something else needs to be printed on wood? How about a faux tile or tin finish that needs to be made affordably and move around more easily than tile or tin?

Well I know of one place that can handle all of these projects, from the mundane to the incredibly unusual. Warner Bros. Design Studio, Scenic Art & Sign Shop.

Many forget that there are still a couple of places that are practically one stop shops, the original studios, and one of the very best is Warner Bros.

Your work does not have to even remotely deal with the Entertainment Industry either. Know someone who wants some custom arches for their backyard? Call Warner Bros. What about some custom cabinetry? Call Warner Bros.

So from commercial, television, and film sets all the way over to interior design, architectural fabrication, and even wood moulding, don’t forget one of the biggest guys (and gals) in town can still do it all.

Website: www.wbsignandscenic.com
Facebook: fb.me/WBDesignStudio

Neon Sign Rentals, Fabrication, and Design at Heaven or Las Vegas

homeimageNeon and Las Vegas go hand in hand. And what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas….. there’s Heaven or Las Vegas Neon in Culver City. You’ll find spectacular neon art in categories such as 1950s, motel/hotel, letters, tattoo, Western and lots more. The folks at Heaven or Las Vegas created neon signs for “The Majestic,” “Burlesque,” “Glee,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and MTV, to name a few.

Heaven or Las Vegas isn’t just a neon prop rental house. Custom fabrication is part of the full service (along with repairs too)! Check out the online catalog for some of the cleared art designs available or take in designs of your own.

Website: www.rentneon.com

History For Hire’s Gary Aardahl – Prop Fabricator Extraordinaire!

11032017_10152889119563877_3266154443504665646_nGary Aardahl runs the Custom Shop over at History for Hire. For 25 years Gary and his team have recreated and restored thousands of historical props–ancient Phoenician writing tablets, Medieval armaments, American Revolutionary War artifacts, you name it and its probably been done in the Custom Shop. With an education in history Gary spent many years restoring artifacts and fabricating pieces for exhibition, so detail and quality are what you’re sure to get.

History for Hire’s Custom Shop creates and restores military equipment from every era; handmade Native American props, such as beaded bags, weapons and bow cases; and out-of-date technologies like early TV equipment; and so much more.

So, the next time you need historical props fabricated or restored, call on Gary and his team at History for Hire.

Website: www.historyforhire.com