Aero Mock-Ups Opens Skyway Stage – An Airport Terminal Mock-Up

Airport terminals can be incredibly tedious. The baggage security checks, the long hallways, check-in/ticketing, and your staple Auntie Anne’s Pretzels knockoff shop. They are also practically impossible to film in.

After almost a year of planning, construction, and installation of everything necessary for the project, Aero Mock-Ups now has the perfect go-to airport terminal to film in.

The 2,200 Sq. Ft. remodeled filming location of Skyway Stage provides:

  • Wi-Fi controlled LED Green Screen backing 36’ wide x 9’6” high corner windows with eight pivot panel
  • Three high-profile arches with dimmable recessed lights
  • Three double doors, one with Jetway entrance
  • Two Restroom and a VIP entrance
  • Carpeted wood floor and dimmable side wall wash lights
  • Architectural styled stage that can provide the setting for a Penthouse, Boardroom, Corner Office, Nightclub, or Dressed as a Passenger Terminal, it can facilitate; Check-in/Ticketing, TSA security, Boarding/Gate, Concessionary, Customs and Immigration areas. Appropriate Set Dressing included.

To get a glimpse check out some of the photos below. Of course to really get an idea of this exciting updated spot you should swing by!

Still located at 13126 Saticoy St, N Hollywood, CA, 91605, Aero Mock-Ups has provided airplane and aircraft mockups/filming locations since 1988 along with most dressing and props available on site.

The Brig Parking Lot – More Than a Parking Lot, But Also a Useful Parking Lot

If you’ve ever been in Venice, CA then you know how terrible parking is there.

show_photo-2If you’ve ever tried to do a shoot on location in Venice, CA then you understand how terrible parking is over there.

Thankfully there are always alternative options to using the streets. The Brig Parking Lot is 6,700 square feet of precious lot to store your craft services, wardrobe vehicles, make-up, and well… your cars!

Located on Abbot Kinney Blvd., it is conveniently located near a lot of the hot spots in Venice, CA, AND being a part of the bar The Brig also comes with it’s own benefits (such as a liquor license that can cater on that parking lot).

So if you have to swing down to Venice at least you know where some of your important people can park. Who knows where the poor interns will go though.

AFCI’s Location Expo 2015

1891076_10152045302159081_962010327_nThis year’s annual AFCI Location Expo was held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. For 3 days location managers, producers, and myself all gathered to see new locations and a preview of some of the resources Film Commissions around the world have to offer.

Location Awards 2015-1There were some great talks and panels to attend, as usual, and some positive schmoozing (which is also fun). I had an opportunity to see the Hawaii film reps talk shop with one of the location managers who helped get Jurassic World shot last year on their island.

e895de_4e3bf8bfad9c4caa89c8fdcdd93567a6.jpg_srz_p_173_94_75_22_0.50_1.20_0On Saturday I also had a chance to attend the LMGA 2nd annual awards ceremony. They were held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

A special congratulations goes out to Caroline Baron, Kokayi Ampah, and Marino Pascal for their recognition as Honorees. For a complete list of nominees and winners check out the LMGA award’s website:

Schmidli Backdrops

painted-page-compositeSchmidli’s client list might as well read: Everyone. That’s because the list is a who’s who in fashion, advertising, film & TV, editorial, photography and more. And as it should be because Schmidli Backdrop’s backdrops are art – classic and distinct, beautiful and inspiring.

You can browse the online collection of backdrops for rent, but if you want something different from what you see, Schmidli will custom paint your backdrop. The Los Angeles and New York spaces can also be rented for shoots.


Air Hollywood

sliderAn “aviation-themed studio.” That’s Air Hollywood. Walk onto the stages and you walk into any airport in the world. Economy and first class rows, cockpit and lavatory—the mock-ups are fully dressed and camera-ready, allowing you to shoot interiors without the hassle of today’s airport security issues.

Air Hollywood’s 60,000-plus sq. ft. studio also houses a turbulence platform and an airport terminal stage. Props & set dressing are available for rent, and set design & fabrication services are provided for a fee.

slider2Beyond its production services, Air Hollywood partners with a Whittier-based nonprofit for Open Sky for Autism. The program helps families with autistic members to acclimate to air travel, allowing everyone to prepare for and enjoy the travel experience.

Air Hollywood also has The Pan Am Experience. If you’re too young to remember the days of Pan American Airlines, think Catch Me If You Can or the TV series Pan Am. The experience is like a Pan Am museum/dinner theater experience that transports you back to the golden era of air travel. Remember when people used to dress up to fly?


San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

20110106_JV_SGMPCritics have described the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse as “magnificent” and “majestic.”

And that it certainly is. It’s a beautiful, historic building with one of the largest stages in Southern California, seating over 1300 people. There’s also a huge movie screen and digital projection equipment.20110106_JV_SGMP

The space is available for rent and has been used in several TV and commercial productions. But seeing is believing. Check out the beautiful photos online. You can download the rental information packet for rates and everything you need to know about reserving the theatre.

Oh, did I mention they have a working Wurlitzer Organ?!?


Caravan West Productions

PrintVisit Peter Sherayko’s Caravan West Productions and you’ll think you’ve stepped into the Wild West. Everything is there—the general store, saloon, saddle shop, sheriff’s office and jail, bunkhouse… there’s even livestock. When the clock strikes noon you might even take cover; certain there’s a gunfight coming.

Props and wardrobe are also available for rent. Western firearms, wagons, Native American pieces, and all other manner of Western Dressing are here.

There’s a reason why Peter has consulted on numerous productions and Caravan West has been used in so many shoots. This amazing place will help you accurately depict the West’s wild and colorful history.


Koch’s Movie Ranch

PrintA beautiful, wide open location with Old West and Midwest touches is what you’ll find at Koch’s Movie Ranch. In Acton, near Palmdale, on 160 acres surrounded by rolling hills, the ranch’s 6,000 sq. ft. house, pond, mineshaft (complete with rigging), outhouse, chapel, cave, cabin and junkyard locales make it a great place to shoot. There’s plenty of flat parking and space to build temporary structures. Pyrotechnics are also allowed.

Take a look at the website for photos. I think you’ll like what you see.


Newfornia Event Center

NewForniaEventsLogoWhat space has a full banquet hall and catering services, big screen tvs in the bar, stage for live music or entertainment, and is also a great space for Zumba classes? Newfornia Event Center, an up and coming event hall in Los Angeles.

Newfornia has been a great place for filming, sporting events and weddings and is located right in the heart of South Los Angeles. They are

Check out their website for photos of the interior and then get your book on!


Sketch Paper Design

Sketch Paper Design Web LogoBad at drawing? If you’ve got the perfect idea for a hero prop, or even simply a new toy – Sketch Paper Design can fabricate almost anything out of your sketchy blueprint. If you have an idea you would like to create and can’t even sketch it, they’ll do that too. Unlike that tattoo you got on your 18th birthday, this place will transform your sketch into something much, much better!

Their shop is well sized too, and the range of materials they can prototype and work with are quite vast. Oh, and they do research as well, so if Shirley’s doll needs to be authentic… it sure will be if you swing by here.

Maybe you don’t even have an idea and you just remember your favorite Batman toy, or Barbie doll; they will make reproductions as well. So if you’re in need of a special hero prop, or simple a bunch of custom toys for your shoot, or need to rent a stage, or have a set you need constructed (they do quite a bit) Sketch Paper Design has you covered.