We Will Always Have Paris – Galerie Sommerlath French 50s 60s to Close

Galerie Sommerlath, the boutique furniture, decor, art et al shop owned by “French-born and Moroccan-raised” Michele Sommerlath has announced they will be closing by the end of the year.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have dedicated my life to curating beautiful things for my clients’ beautiful spaces.” She wrote in a press release. “Sadly, nothing lasts forever.”

Known to many as a go-to spot for French and Moroccan styled mid-century modern, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s decor they will be sorely missed.

They will be open to the public for walk-ins until December 15th, at which point they will be available by appointment only.

You can view a copy of their press release below:

Dapper Cadaver Yard Sale

Have you ever found yourself in a bind because you don’t have a rubber baseball bat, an engraved voodoo skull, a dragon skull, a decorative bird cage, a dead chupacabra, and some clinical supplies including but not limited to an embalming station and inexplicably need them?

Well shoot you are in luck because Dapper Cadaver, the go-to shop for the macabre and more, is having a yard sale. They need to make some room for more creepy horror stuff so you don’t have to and that means a bunch of cool stuff is up for grabs!

This is the perfect time to nab some perfect items just in time for Halloween. They will even have a wide assortment of factory second body parts on clearance. If you need a hand with anything, they might have a severed one available for you.

If you’re interested right now you can even swing over to their website. They currently have many items up on their sale, clearance and discount store page. These items not sold and more will also be available for your purchasing pleasure at their shop Saturday, September 7th from 9am to 12pm.

You can get more info on their Facebook Event page:

Saturday 09/07/19 – 9am to 12pm
7648 San Fernando Rd., Sun Valley, CA 91352
Save the date for the Dapper Cadaver yard sale! Shop and save on horror props, medical / science props, dinosaur skulls & bones, candelabras, factory second haunt props, body forms and more!
Located on San Fernando Road, Dapper Cadaver is a prop house and retail store specializing death, science, horror and dark themed props. Perfect for supernatural, crime scene and Halloween dressing.
Website: www.dappercadaver.com

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New & Used Appliances Up for Grabs – Kimos Appliance’s Downsizing Sale

Located in Van Nuys, Kimos Appliance has always been a great spot to nab new and used appliances. From refrigerators and ovens to washers and dryers (not to mention commercial freezers, dishwashers and more) they’ve usually got something you can work with.

As they aim to use up less space they need to get rid of many items still in their inventory. That gives us a chance to take advantage of some good items at an even better discount.

From now up until the end of August (August 31st to be exact) they will be selling off many freestanding ranges, laundry centers, above the range microwaves, wall mounted ovens, cook tops, vent hoods and dishwashers to expedite their liquidation.

So go check them out, whether for personal or production needs, a sale is a sale.

Located in Van Nuys, CA just off of the 405 freeway at the Roscoe Boulevard exit, Kimos Appliance is a great stop for new and used appliances (they deliver too)
Website: www.kimosappliances.com

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Where to Find Modern Tech Rentals

We open to our protagonist working (sort of) on her laptop in the evening with a glass of wine in hand. Suddenly her cell phone rings.

It’s her boss, there’s a big scoop, and she needs to get to the office ASAP, preferably an hour ago!

We finally get to the office where a security guard is sitting inside the entrance at his computer. They wave familiarly to each other as he buzzes her in and our character walks from this quiet first room to a large, open office buzzing with activity; landline phones, cell phones, monitors and television screens abound. It’s going to be a long work night.


The most common kinds of productions take place, more or less, in the here and now. The latest cell phones, laptops and television screens (to name just a few things) need to be present to set the scene. Sometimes the simplest of items can be hard to track down quickly and affordably, especially when you are talking about current technologies with current technology costs (I’m looking at YOU iPhone X).

On top of that, sometimes behind the camera a production needs current technologies. Wifi boxes (MiFis, hotspots), laptops, cell phones and more need to be available for a crew that doesn’t have those items themselves. Where do you rent modern technology, especially WORKING modern technology?!? Oh that’s right, Debbies Book can help with that.

Wireless for All (laptop and iPhones), RJR Props (desktop computer), Woody's Electrical Props (control panels)
Photo Credits: Wireless for All (left), RJR Props (middle), Woody’s Electrical Props (right)

Airwaves Wireless
Cell phones, cell phone plans (temporary and long term), laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots and routers. Airwaves is one of the two gotos for working, handheld and modern tech. They also carry laptops, smartwatches and more. Whether it’s for in front of the camera or behind they can get it to you.

LCW Props
Looking for some Blackberry’s, or perhaps some flip phones or at least phones with keypads? When it comes to “not new” cell phones LCW has you covered. Computer monitors, computers (from Ataris to more modern desktop towers), servers are available. They are also a great resource for the seemingly always needed “tech bench” with monitors and computers attached.

Modern Props
From PDAs, CRT Monitors and “folding computer pocket organizer” resource to futuristic faux technology with moving and blinking lights that do whatever you need them to. Modern Props is the go to for those and everything in-between. Check out their website and their new location!

RJR Props
What better place to get electronics than from a place that has been purposefully collecting and repairing them for decades? RJR Props, located in Atlanta, is an electronic repair company turned prop house. From servers to computers and more they’re a great resources, especially for the South and East Coast.

The Hand Prop Room
Cell phones, televisions, radios and office equipment, many rigged for production. They aren’t called the Hand Prop Room for nothing!

Wireless for All
Cell phones, Go Pros, tablets, screen protectors, accessories, plans and more. If it needs to be modern and working, they will work with you. On top of what they have in their inventory, they repair items too. Specializing in screen repairs, they can make that cell phone look like you never dropped your glass water bottle on it.

Woody’s Electrical Props
Need wallmounted computer panels, levers, servers, and more? Woody’s has been providing Control Panels and Consoles for years. Modern Industrial, Antique Industrial, Mission Control, Air Tower, Computer Room, Military and Fantasy Sets have all included Woody’s creations.

Honorable Mentions:
Omega/CP Two – Rooms of tech, both working and non-practical. Give them a call, they’ve got it most likely.
Sony Prop House (Off Lot) – Computers, gadgets and more from over the decades.
Universal Studios Property – Laptops of various decades, gaming consoles, desktop computers, monitors and more.
Warner Bros Property – Old school floppy drives to modern laptops and desktops. They even have laptop cases!

Where to Find Playground Equipment

Every child has had love for playgrounds. Swing sets, slides, jungle gyms, animals on springs and roundabouts (merry go rounds). There is really only one problem about playgrounds, one that never bothered kids. They’re rather permanent.

So now it’s time to dress a park, a backyard, or even a kids space at a fast food restaurant or mall. You need an impermanent but permanent looking set of rentals and playground equipment. Thankfully we’ve climbed around Los Angeles and beyond to find all kinds for you. Was it so we could pretend we were kids again or was it so we could help you out?

Why can’t it be both?

Worlds of Wow - Sculpted Play Set
Worlds of Wow – Sculpted Play Set

Alley Cats Studio Rentals
Jungle gyms, swing sets, teeter totters and more. They specialize in the outdoor props and how much more outdoors can you get than a playground set?

L. A. Steelcraft Products, Inc.
They have been making playground equipment for over 60 years including the usual merry-go-rounds, play barrels, arch climbers, swings and much more. If you need a variety to select from (or simply need something fabricated for a playground) LA Steelcraft has the experience, know how, and inventory.

Lennie Marvin (Prop Heaven)
An outdoor playset, spring animals and outdoor exercise bars are a part of their inventory. They also have the ever elusive ball pit balls that can often be hard to track down!

Sunland Creations
The kings of the backyard play set, Sunland Creations has it down to a science. On top of the usual suspects (swing sets and trampolines) they do the backyard play set structures the child in us always wanted. From the simplest playhouse to the two-story set ups with a tube slide, a zip line and swings attached; they’ve got you covered.

Worlds of Wow
If you need indoor playspaces dressed, Worlds of Wow is a must contact. From largescale play areas a la Chuck E Cheese and Sky Zone, to little play areas such as a church or doctors office, they have the resources and experience making it for you. 3D Climbable sculptures, themed environments for mall rest stops, toddler play areas and more are all available through these magic wielders.

Honorable Mentions:

Omega/Cinema Props – School playground dressing including sports items and rubber balls.
Universal Studios Property – Outdoor jungle gym and a few other accessories.
Warner Bros Studios Property – Boxes of ball pit balls, kids sports items and additional school dressing.

Christiansen Amusements – Carnival Games & Rides

show_photo-10Rushing down a super slide, soaring above it all in a Ferris wheel, or trying your luck at tossing a ring on a bottle or a ping-pong ball in a bowl to win a goldfish.

If you have ever been to a carnival, these things should bring back some fond memories, or perhaps a little sadness if you were never able to win the giant stuffed dog (I know I certainly never did). If you are looking to relive those fun (and hurl-a-whirl) times, or to bring this excitement to your next event or production, Christiansen Amusements has what you are looking for.

Family run, with generations of experience bringing carnival magic to many, they offer a variety of games and rides for rent in Southern California. BONUS: I am pretty sure you will get to ride the items you rent too!

Website: www.amusements.com

Mike Green Fire Equipment – Rentals & Purchased w/ “Dat Fire”

PrintFire safety is serious business, no matter what the situation may be. A tiny fire emergency can turn into a real disaster if you are not prepared.

For years, Mike Green Fire Equipment Co. has been a trusted source for all of your fire protection needs. From commercial buildings to residential homes, they have the products and services you need to stay safe and fire ready. If you are looking for rental items for a project, they can also help you out with a wide selection of extinguishers, alarms, hoses and more.

Don’t get burned when it comes down to crunch time and get your fire related equipment and services from Mike Green Fire Equipment.

Website: www.Mgfire.com

North Hollywood Hardware – Lumber, Expendables, Painting Supplies & a Personal Touch

logo_topWith all of the big name home improvement stores out there these days, it’s nice to know that there are still neighborhood hardware stores around to meet your needs and work with you on a personal level.

North Hollywood Hardware is one of these stores.

Located in Studio City, they have been serving the area, and the industry, for over thirty years. From grass paint (less wasteful if you need a green lawn than watering it) to plumbing supplies, they have the items you need. Plus, if you can’t make it to their store you can find over 70,000 items on their online warehouse as well.

Website: www.ehardware2go.com

Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Do Good, Get a Tax Break and Donate

pgbanner-restoreHabitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles sent me over a pamphlet to share, and for good reason.

When any project is completed and struck for good we can all agree that there is a lot of waste. Furniture with no home, general hand props that had to be purchased instead of rented and all other kinds of leftovers. Habitat for Humanity has a way for your production to find a home for those items while getting some of those hotly desired tax credits. The ReStore.

They have a thrift store dedicated to raising money for more projects, and just as helpful give used items a chance at a new life. So the next time you find yourself up to your elbows in items and nowhere to store them, drop them off at any of their donation locations. It always feels good to do good too, you know.

Donation pickups can be set up online at the website below or by phone.

Website: www.ShopHabitat.org

Read the text from the pamphlet below:

Los Angeles ranks as one of the least affordable housing areas in the U.S. Habitat of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) builds, repairs and rehabilitates homes in partnership with low-income, hardworking people, helping them to achieve stability and hope for a better life.

Did you know that it is possible to help Habitat LA build homes without ever stepping foot on a construction site?

The ReStore is a home improvement thrift store that accepts donations of gently used furniture, appliances, building materials and décor from individuals, organizations and the studios and then resells the donated items at discounted prices to the general public. All proceeds support Habitat LA’s building, repair, veteran, and youth programs! In addition, the ReStore is also good for the local environment. Since its opening, the ReStore has diverted more than 7 million pounds of materials from landfills.

Contact the ReStore at (424) 246-3637 or www.DonateToHabitat.org to schedule a FREE pick-up today*!

Trucks are sent out daily to pick up items all over Los Angeles. Don’t forget that your donation is tax deductible!

*A fuel donation of $5 to $10 is suggested
Habitat for Humanity Pamphlet 08-20-15

California Beverage – ‘Tap’ Into a Great Beverage Dispensing Resource

1414211203-5valvemushtowerWith the hot days we have been having, the thought of enjoying a tasty cold beverage can’t be overlooked. Whether you are in need of prop equipment, or functioning beverage systems to satisfy your beer and soda craving, the folks at California Beverage can help you out.

They have been servicing the restaurant and entertainment industry for over 40 years, and carry both vintage and modern equipment. This includes soda fountain dressing all the way to bar dressing; so from kegs and taps to soda dispensers you are sure to find plenty to quench your thirst.

Website: www.californiabev.com