We Will Always Have Paris – Galerie Sommerlath French 50s 60s to Close

Galerie Sommerlath, the boutique furniture, decor, art et al shop owned by “French-born and Moroccan-raised” Michele Sommerlath has announced they will be closing by the end of the year.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have dedicated my life to curating beautiful things for my clients’ beautiful spaces.” She wrote in a press release. “Sadly, nothing lasts forever.”

Known to many as a go-to spot for French and Moroccan styled mid-century modern, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s decor they will be sorely missed.

They will be open to the public for walk-ins until December 15th, at which point they will be available by appointment only.

You can view a copy of their press release below:

Ruby’s Road Trip Visits: Bridge Furniture & Props ATL

Another place I wanted to swing by was Bridge Furniture & Props in Atlanta. Matt has been expanding to multiple states over the last couple of years and I was interested to see what they had going on here.
Claire Foley (the Atlanta location of Bridge’s manager) showed us around. Their same genre of art and contemporary furniture is also a part of the collection over in Atlanta.
IMG_4509Lighting, furniture, and more abound!
IMG_4506If you are in Atlanta, you will not regret swinging by Bridge Furniture & Props. They’ve got a great collection that won’t need to be shipped (of course they have collections in 3 states, so shipping isn’t out of the question either).

Ruby’s Road Trip Visits: Alpha Companies, Atlanta

The next spot Ruby and I swung by was Alpha Companies‘ location in Atlanta.
IMG_4460They are known for their large inventory of medical props and furniture as well as office dressing and furniture. Their location in Atlanta, GA is no exception to that.
IMG_4469 IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4483 IMG_4486
Robert Vanasco, the prop manager, was helpful in walking Ruby and I around to see what they’ve got.
Of course Ruby managed to distract a little as she’s want to do sometimes of course.
IMG_4472While Ruby rolled on the ground I managed to come across some fitness equipment that they have.

Ruby’s Road Trip Visits: Warner Bros Studios Property – Atlanta

CEO of Debbies Book, Ruby, and I had a chance to swing by some prop houses in Atlanta.

The first of which was the Warner Bros. Studios Property department branch.


Nikki, the manager of the Atlanta location, was very welcoming to Ruby before showing me around their warehouse.


It was a pleasant surprise to find so many items over here. Their already large inventory has even expanded recently due to the acquisition of a recently finished project. Nikki was happy to show me around a bit.

A nice selection of dressing and hand props, including some interesting busts:

IMG_4446 IMG_4445


(Apparently we know where some of MacGyver is being shot at).

It’s a good space with antiques, trunks and books too:

IMG_4452 IMG_4448

Like any good prop house it has range as well:


All in all, Warner Bros Atlanta location is a great stop. Of course anything over in Los Angeles can be easily shipped over too!

ZG04 Decor – They’ve Moved and It’s a Good Thing

ZG04 1Klaus and his team at ZG04 DECOR, including the ever present Saul, have been working hard over the last month to get everything up and running at their new location.

The new space is a major upgrade:
A 115,000 sq ft warehouse with all of the original perks from before with added ones too; a 22,000 sq ft showroom; an entire floor dedicated to hand props, lighting and smalls; a lounge area for customers (complete with a bar and snacks!); and rental rooms for production teams to meet and work.

Their new location is now at 12224 Montague Street, Sun Valley, CA 91331:
ZG04 Map

As if that wasn’t enough they will be working alongside 3 other companies.
ZG04 2The aforementioned Line 204, Angstrom Lighting, and they’ve even managed to squeeze Motor Homes into the mix. A good mix to meet the requirements of one of those classic “one stop shops” everyone touts.

In short, everyone needs to swing by ZG04 and see for themselves the new transformation. If you Saul, give him a hug for me, because that poor guy has had his hands full for the last few months.

Website: www.zg04decor.com

TR Trading – The Used Office Furniture Mecca

gallery_about_img01If you are looking for office furniture and want the convenience of being able to select from a huge inventory, then block out some time and get ready to stroll through the seemingly never ending warehouse of TR Trading Company.

Specializing in office liquidations they offer a fantastic and constantly rotating selection of desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, desk accessories and more to choose from. Their inventory is constantly changing and also includes some unique treasures (aptly named after the owner Toni’s Treasures) that just might give your space the extra flare you need.

They are also known for their expediency in completing requests. They need to make room for the next haul to be set up!

Website: www.trtradingcompany.com

Hopper’s Office & Drafting Furniture – An Important but Quiet Role in Production

collage6Drafting is one of the most important steps in designing, especially as it get’s more complicated. Over at Hoppers Office & Drafting Furniture they have the resources to do just that.

What if you just need to dress a set for an artist, architect or classroom that requires a drafting table or other specific equipment? Drawing portfolios, light tables, and plan racks are all available to those who need it. Hoppers has made a business of selling and renting such equipment.

So whether it’s for practical reasons or simply set dressing Hoppers is one of the best places to stop by for drafting equipment and supplies.

Kids Cottage Furniture – A Perfect Source for Just That, Kids Furniture.

slideshow2If only there was a place where you could get a child’s bed that was shaped like Cinderella’s carriage, or maybe a bunk bed set where the stairs were also drawers.

KidsCottage-logoThere are a lot of custom furniture places out there and they tend to emphasize specific styles: Mid-century Modern, Transitional, Traditional, and even Arts & Crafts. The glory of Kids Cottage Furniture is that they have what can be considered it’s own specialty. Children’s furniture.

From pre-fab kids furniture to custom-made furniture for children they are one of the best sources. Need it for rent? They have that option. Want it for purchase? They are more than happy to acquiesce.

If you need to dress a kid’s room you can’t really do better when it comes to options and variety then with Kids Cottage Furniture.

Website: www.kidscottagefurniture.com

Stephen Kenn – Unique Handcrafted Furniture and Accessories Summer Shop Sale

Stephen Kenn_SummerShop_Insta2I’m a sucker for functional art, and that is a perfect description of all of Stephen Kenn‘s lines.

From high-end couches made of welded steel frames, leather belts and repurposed WW2 military fabric (the Inheritance Collection) to sleek, fine leather bags (the Encounter Collection) there is always something for everyone who wants to live with a little extra flair in their life.

This summer, for the next 6 weekends, Stephen Kenn will be opening up their studio for coffee, tea, cocktails and special prices on a bunch of their inventory (and others’). You can check out the press release below:

Stephen Kenn Summer Shop Press Release

Stephen Kenn will be opening his downtown LA
studio to the public for 6 weekends this summer July
11th–August 16th for a special pop up shop event.
The Summer Shop will be open each Saturday and
Sunday from 10am–6pm, with coffee and tea served all
day, and cocktails served each evening. The shop will
feature brand new designs from Stephen Kenn, including
many additions to his leather bag line The Encounter
Collection, and some items exclusive to the Summer
Shop. The new Display Collection of modular shelving
will also be presented for the first time. All items will
have special, unadvertised pricing exclusive to Summer
Shop customers. The shop will also be highlighting
products from other Los Angeles-based brands, and
there will be various events throughout the series of
weekends, featuring ambassadors from the other
brands involved.

You can also check out their website to get an idea of most of his lines and recent work (also I want the travel cocktail kit, like now).

Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit _ In Use

Website: www.stephenkenn.com

Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture – It’s Really More than Office Furniture Now

It’s always great to see new inventory coming through the door.Bank Deposit Stations

So if you haven’t zipped over to Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture’s new warehouse location on Vanowen Street, you will definitely be surprised of the new items they have brought in over the past few months.

A perfect example; Vintage Tanker Desks and Mid Century Modern Executive Desks are part of their latest additions. Even cooler, set of New Bank Teller Windows and Bank Deposit Stations.Advance Teller wndows

Oh and for that school lunch room set they have multiples of 12 foot Cafeteria Lunch Tables. Excellent when you need to shoot a scene where dozens of kids are munching on their lunches.

Seriously, swing by their newer location. You will not regret it!

Website: www.advancedliquidators.com