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Z-29Now you can get your copy of Debbies Book in a printable format from The book comes as a PDF that allows you to print the whole book or only the pages you need. Either way, it’s easy and portable.

Categories are in alphabetical order and, to save space, listings for Prop Houses and Costume Rental Houses are shortened to one or two lines, but you’ll find full contact information located within the Prop House and Costume Rental Houses categories.

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Debbies Book 2013 Edition Now on Amazon & CreateSpace

Back by popular demand—and now on demand—the 2013 25th Edition of Debbies Book is available on both Amazon and CreateSpace!

For more than 35 years, Debbies Book has been a source book used by Art Departments in all of the entertainment industries. The book is a compilation of all rental and purchase sources for props, wardrobe, and lighting for film, television, theatre, commercial photo shoots, special events and themed environments.

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New Debbies Book in the Works

2Q==-59Rumor has it there is a new Debbies Book coming out, codenamed ”Debbies Book: The Movie”, and it’s coming to a theater near you this summer.

Full of strange creatures & objects, wild individuals who have mind-boggling talent, extraordinary effects, animals, vehicles that climb mountains only to immediately fly into space… and that is only in the first 2 minutes.

Without spoiling the movie too much let’s just say that there is a beginning, middle and end, a twist before the end, a minor twist before the twist before the end, and a post-credits scene that will blow the minds of the audience.

Expected to be a trilogy of trilogies (3 movies for each of the three parts) the overarching storyline follows a user as they traverse the darker reaches of those hard-to-find-props. Some must be manufactured or replicated, others simply rented (there are even some multiples requirements) as the production the user is working on comes to completion in an epic final trilogy.

Expected to be best experienced in 3D, you can get a free ticket voucher for this upcoming movie event only today by calling or emailing us.

You can also get in on the experience early by downloading the Debbies Book App!

Ph: (626) 797-7699

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The Website and App are going to be working 24/7, but at the office many of us are helping Santa.

So we will be closed from the end of the day December 21st through January 7th!


See you next year!
(don’t worry some of us will still be returning phone calls)
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Maintenance Scheduled

Our website, will have intermittent service disruption for the next 12 hours as we complete some final tweaks to our hosting.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

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The iPhone App for Debbies Book will be unaffected during this maintenance for anyone caught in a pinch!

Debbies Book App is Live!

It’s here! The App for the iPhone is available in the iTunes store:

• The same improved search options of our latest website release

• Get instant directions to the companies you find

• Call companies directly from the App

Download it now, our database is updated daily.

Debbies Book Web Site… Exciting New Update!

There will be some minor service interruptions on our website during the time period of Sept 3rd 11pm – September 4th 5am.

These are due to some major updates that will allow us to sync our database with our upcoming App. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but believe me, it’s going to be worth it!

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Debbies Book Gets an Upgrade

It has always been our goal to get the information our users need to them in a way that they can depend on. We have listened to input from many users and applied it to the newest update.

The first thing you will notice is that there is no longer a required log in. You will still need to log in to use features such as “My List”. For those who don’t know, My List allows you to create a printable pdf file, with a handy notes section, of important companies you come across in our database.

The second change is a complete revamp of our search interface. We have replaced the three boxes with something we believe will be much more straight forward to our users. Here is a breakdown of these new searches:

Look for a specific company by using “Search by COMPANY”.
If you already know who you want the contact info for or are curious what else they offer, search for the name of the company in this box.

Look for a specific category by using “Search by CATEGORY”.
This search will bring up on the left hand side all categories that directly match what you are looking for. An example would be to look for “Rugs”. This search will bring up a couple of clickable categories that may match what you are looking for to left under the search fields.

Look for a specific keyword by using “Search by KEYWORD”.
This takes what you are looking for and browses all of our descriptions. As we continue to develop theses companies’ details the search will become more and more comprehensive.

 There is always a Feedback link in the upper right hand corner of every page. If you think of something that we might be able to do let us know. If you appreciate a certain feature feel free to tell us so!

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Debbies Book has launched it’s new Facebook Page!

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On our Facebook page we will also announce new changes and features to the website, give you updates on our blog, and keep you up to date with the Debbies Book App!

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