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The 2017 Debbies Book, 29th Edition is HERE!

You are finally able to grab the latest Debbies Book®, the go to resource for Los Angeles Prop Houses, Costume Rental Houses and Event Rentals.

It will soon be available at the following locations!

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The 2017 29th Edition of Debbies Book, full color, in the form of an 81/2 x 11 bound book will be available at the following websites:


Free Digital/eBook Versions:

Print at Home Debbies Book eBook
You will be able to also download Debbies Book as a PDF. Print the whole book or only the pages you need. Either way, Debbies Book is finally more portable than ever and adaptable to every day needs.


Fully Exported Database Debbies Book
It will also be possible to download a tablet friendly and searchable pdf edition of Debbies Book. The entire Debbies Book database accessible without internet connection and without hassle.