Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture – It’s Really More than Office Furniture Now

It’s always great to see new inventory coming through the door.Bank Deposit Stations

So if you haven’t zipped over to Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture’s new warehouse location on Vanowen Street, you will definitely be surprised of the new items they have brought in over the past few months.

A perfect example; Vintage Tanker Desks and Mid Century Modern Executive Desks are part of their latest additions. Even cooler, set of New Bank Teller Windows and Bank Deposit Stations.Advance Teller wndows

Oh and for that school lunch room set they have multiples of 12 foot Cafeteria Lunch Tables. Excellent when you need to shoot a scene where dozens of kids are munching on their lunches.

Seriously, swing by their newer location. You will not regret it!