Action Sets & Props/Wonderworks

Wonderworks Display AdThe folks over at Action Sets & Props / Wonderworks have invented an ingenious way to breed super-human giants! Ok, ok they actually make miniatures for set… but the quality is so high that you can’t decipher the difference between the sets and real buildings.

One of their undeniable specialties is also their large collection of NASA Dressing. All manner of spaceship, real and imaginative, are available for rent. Plus, if they somehow don’t have it, prop design & manufacturing are also their specialty!

So if you need a pillaging Godzilla, or a nuke destroying a city, tone it down – in size – and make the rest of your effects even better by ease of both editing and size of the special effects in the scene, by shrinking the entire set!

You could put one in your garden and blow your neighbors mind, and then blow it up! Or simply have that building you need for the shot exist outside digital supplementation, and place the real deal in the background. I still prefer blowing it up though.