ABC Caskets

Don’t let the casket business turn you off. Isabelle and Joey are eagerly there to help you with your rentals or sales. They are perfect for the Industry due to a couple of factors. They will specially customize your casket any way you want: almost any wood or metal and any color. The last time I stopped by their shop they even had a wonderfully brightly decorated,  lavender casket.

The business itself has been family owned since 1933. Since it’s inception, ABC Caskets’ selling point has been that they have an onsite factory, meaning they can receive the specifications of the casket you need and begin working on it almost immediately. Their history with the film and television industries is a direct result of their location (right by the 110 in Los Angeles) and quality workmanship.

To have just a slice of their exhaustive list of credits: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Six Feet Under, CSI Miami, CSI Las Vegas, Ghost Whisperer, and so much more.

Stop by this place and meet the wonderful family that has become one of the staples for casket creation, rentals, and purchases.

Here’s a link to their website:
ABC Caskets Factory