A Surprise at Phillipe’s with Artistic Carnival & Circus Design

Pilippe Chester Cable & Wini McKay 1I was in downtown LA grabbing my favorite sandwich at Phillippe’s. Went in the back for a seat while flapping my jaw over its juiciness when a picture of Chester Cable from Artistic Carnival & Circus Design appeared out of no-where!

Pilippe Chester Cable & Wini McKay 2He was juggling the hell out of a massive table… with his feet! Immediately I gave him a call. Apparently he has the Guinness world record for what I can only describe as juggling a table. I looked at my table, at my feet, thought about trying it myself – and sat down to eat my French dip sandwich instead, all that foot juggling made me dizzy and gave me noodle knees.

Pilippe Chester CablePilippe Wini McKay

I also managed to find a video of him performing this stunt (and earning the world record):

One thought to “A Surprise at Phillipe’s with Artistic Carnival & Circus Design”

  1. Thanks for the Memories Debbie, I remember when he and his circus troupe came up to Solvang and performed at a private company event for the theater. That summer we were doing “BARNUM”! I believe it was the summer of 1994. Abby says to “Tell Debbie we have photos of Chester too!!!!!” I love Phillippe’s and always try to have lunch there when I am shopping in the fabric district (and sit in the circus section) . Next time I head down to shop LA I will call and I hope we can meet up for lunch under Chester’s Photo.

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