Debbies Book Gets an Upgrade

It has always been our goal to get the information our users need to them in a way that they can depend on. We have listened to input from many users and applied it to the newest update.

The first thing you will notice is that there is no longer a required log in. You will still need to log in to use features such as “My List”. For those who don’t know, My List allows you to create a printable pdf file, with a handy notes section, of important companies you come across in our database.

The second change is a complete revamp of our search interface. We have replaced the three boxes with something we believe will be much more straight forward to our users. Here is a breakdown of these new searches:

Look for a specific company by using “Search by COMPANY”.
If you already know who you want the contact info for or are curious what else they offer, search for the name of the company in this box.

Look for a specific category by using “Search by CATEGORY”.
This search will bring up on the left hand side all categories that directly match what you are looking for. An example would be to look for “Rugs”. This search will bring up a couple of clickable categories that may match what you are looking for to left under the search fields.

Look for a specific keyword by using “Search by KEYWORD”.
This takes what you are looking for and browses all of our descriptions. As we continue to develop theses companies’ details the search will become more and more comprehensive.

 There is always a Feedback link in the upper right hand corner of every page. If you think of something that we might be able to do let us know. If you appreciate a certain feature feel free to tell us so!