On Set Graphics Announces Pilot Season Discount

Need bulletin board artwork for any school, police station, community center or more? Check out their 100% cleared artwork over on their website.

Marc and Alyssa over at On Set Graphics want to help with your next or current project. Until April 10th all of their artwork has a 10% discount. You don’t even have to use a promo code!

They also have flyers, posters and documents ready for downloading to print at any time.

pilot_bannerWebsite: www.onsetgraphics.com

Canadian Art Prints & Winn Devon Art Group – Narrow Down Cleared Artwork

There are plenty of sources for Art for Rent, thankfully, so we can all have access to the variance required for different productions and genres.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to narrow down which have been legally cleared for production. Thankfully there are services like CAP & Winn Devon’s, where they clearly state what can be used for public reuse!

On their large online database you can browse all artwork available, as many allow. The kicker is that they state what can be used on the artwork’s page! Below is a reminder sent out by Canadian Art Prints & Winn Devon Art Group recently:

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Website: www.capandwinndevon.com