Stats Floral Supply Closing It’s Doors After 54 Years

*** Stats has since reopened it’s doors in October 2016 ***

STATS’ very festive “Tree Room”

After more than fifty years of supplying holiday decorations, patio furniture and fake flowers to Southern California, Stats Floral Supply will be closing it’s doors.

With their massive selection of lights, trees, wreaths, garlands, ornaments, wrapping paper, candles and so much more they have been a staple in Pasadena for everything Christmassy. On a positive note, according to the Kevin Smith of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, owner Damon Stathatos plans to reopen Stats as a smaller boutique shop some time in the future.

Unfortunately, with Stats closing up shop for the time being we will all have to find new spots to swing by as we look for those perfect pieces.

Aldik Home
When it comes to fake flowers and Christmas decorations you can’t go wrong with Aldik Home. Located in Van Nuys it is filled with wreaths, Christmas trees (with the lights) and all manner of silk and plastic flowers.

Need arts and craft supplies as well as a large selection of party decorations? Located near S San Pedro St and 7th St, Los Angeles’ Moskatel’s is the perfect stop for everything from hobby supplies to event decorations.

I would be remiss by not mentioning one of the best chains that offer a wide variety of items similar to Stats. Michael’s (with locations all over including Pasadena and Burbank) has all the spray paint, posterboard, holiday decorations, and glitter you could probably need (you never know though, sometimes you need a LOT of glitter).

Hopefully these other options can hold us all over until the smaller Stats finally reemerges filling the holiday and craft supply void their absence will certainly create.

Where to Find Steampunk Decor & Dressing

A cowboy is racing towards a small shack on his trusty stead, being chased by God knows what. He jumps off and runs into the humble structure; the door isn’t even locked. Pulling on a seemingly random series of wooden panels on the wall a hole and staircase appear below. He presses a button in the stairwell as he descends, once again hiding the secret entrance. As we enter below the camera peels away to look around the room. Computer control panels, half completed robots, and futuristic weaponry abound.

Lux Lounge EFR – Steampunk Collection

Steampunk is a sci-fi fantasy genre often placed in a Victorian or Wild West setting. Generally it is a period setting with one minor change. Machines wilder than the imagination exist and generally work off of steam power.

It has gathered popularity over recent years, though existing for decades, becoming more and more prominent in pop culture. But where on Earth do you find a source to dress and decorate such a scene? Who has the gizmos and hand props? I’ll bet Debbies Book can help.

Sword & Stone
The craftsmen over at Sword & Stone are unparalleled when it comes to both their talent and experience with The Industry. If you need something to be crafted they have the know-how. One thing they aren’t often touted for, however, is their large inventory of items for sale (and rent too if you need to).

The Rational Past
If you need period scientific equipment these guys are a must. From industrial antiques to pocket watches, gauges and drafting equipment they’ve got you covered. They are really a great spot, I love unique businesses.

Lux Lounge EFR
It’s rare for an event company to have steampunk styles, but Lux Lounge does. Steampunk sofas, chairs, banquetes and even chandeliers. If you need a large room (or an event) filled, they’ve got you covered so you don’t lose any steam putting everything together.

A little gem in Santa Monica with quite an array of unique items. Aviation models, goggles, copper ring towers and all manner of quack medical equipment not to mention motorized gear units, control panels and tesla coils. This place was serving steampunk as rentals long before the term was really even popularized. They went under the radar for a few years but are certainly back up and running and ready for the task.

Honorable Mentions:

History for Hire
If it’s older than new, they’ve got it and (especially when working with period pieces) you won’t regret swinging by to find much of what you need.

LCW Props
One of the kings of miscellaneous, the crew over at LCW is always happy to get to you what you need. They have plenty of control panels and aerospace equipment, plus things you probably didn’t even realize you want.

N.S. Aerospace Props
Rocket parts, hydraulic hoses, flow control valves and so many other parts. They have the large assortment of parts and pieces that could make anyone drool (if they drooled over aerospace parts).

Warner Bros. Studios Property Department
Remember Wild Wild West? Guess where quite a bit of those items went? That’s right, a classic steampunk movie has some of it’s pieces right in the heart of the studio lot.