Castle Antique Announces Their Black & Gold Collection, Plans for More

gI_59824_black-goldUnique furniture and dressing is often key to many sets (and home furnishings). Castle Antiques & Design is one place where you know you can find such items.

They have just sent out a press release along that same vein. Their new Black & Gold collection (sleek ebonized furniture with classic designs) is now available. Not to rest on their laurels they have also said there are new lines to be announced as 2016 progresses!

You can read their press release below or follow this link to their official announcement:

Furniture For A Gilded Age: Ebonized Look Revived for 2016 Collection

Castle Antiques announces the launch of the Black & Gold Collection. This collection is the first of the many new collections Castle has planned for 2016. The Black and Gold collection came about for Castle because the technique of “ebonizing” furniture is age old and it looks fantastic with the gilted bronze ornamentation. These pieces are absolute stand outs. They can be used as a single one-of-a-kind piece in a room, or they can also take on an updated look to mix and match with any type of furniture style in a home.

Now officially available, The Black & Gold collection pieces are comprised of French and European styles dating from the Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency and Empire periods. The pieces are refinished with black lacquer; it makes the gold ornamentation pop beautifully hence the Black & Gold collection. Ebonizing originated in the 16th century and was popularized in the late 19th century. Castle Antiques is reviving the ebonized look in 2016. This collection is meant to be paired or mixed with metal finishes and colors, such as gold, silver and bronze, which are the new trends for 2016.

Established in 1975, Castle Antiques originally started as wholesaler to other antique dealers across the United States. They expanded operations and began catering to interior designers, large design firms and private collectors. Castle Antiques is in the process of expanding online operations in 2016. They are the largest family-owned antique dealer on the west coast, and maintain a 35,000 square ft. showroom full of rare and one of a kind pieces imported from Europe.

Over the years, Castle has evolved into a full service fine antique furniture repair, upholstery and restoration shop, offering an unparalleled level of excellence and craftsmanship.

Where to Find Astronautical Dressing & Costumes

Action Sets and Props / WonderWorks, Inc.
Action Sets and Props / WonderWorks, Inc.

You’ve finally landed on the distant planet. Something you’ve dreamed of since you were a child. The camera slowly rolls past your shoulder too look through the viewport. All the eye can see is vast, uninhabitable terrain. You’ve trained for this moment, your colleagues have too. There’s just one more thing missing before you step out on that new planet toward the unknown. You’re going to need a spacesuit.

Of course the kicker is that most places don’t carry such unique suits, let alone shuttles and other NASA dressing. If only there was a resource that helped track down the unusual, the hard to find, and occasionally the simply odd.

Oh that’s right. Debbies Book:

Action Sets and Props/Wonderworks, Inc.
Space shuttles and space stations, expertise in working with realistic effects, miniatures, spacesuits, NASA dressing, and rovers. If your next shoot involves anything space, this is where to start. From realistic replicas to fabrication of futuristic pieces Wonderworks will get you there and back in time for supper.

Global Effects
Global Effects is always a great place to stop for costumes, props and miniatures. When it comes to space, that is no less the case. Realistic and futuristic costumes abound along with creature effects, makeup effects and more. They also have some great suits of armor and other historical items.

LCW Props
LCW Props is known for being eclectic, and never in a bad way. They have a large selection of aerospace parts and test planes, and other pieces perfect for dressing a scene that needs them.

Modern Props
From the useful (think space shuttle hardware and computer panels) to the out of this galaxy (such as their pulsating futuristic lamps and passkey controls) they are perfect for getting your set to look right. They even manufacture items perfect for a spaceship bridge and assorted terminals. You will never regret stopping at Modern Props, and even less so for dressing from contemporary and beyond!

N.S. Aerospace Props
This spot is filled to the brim with rocket engines, hardware, industrial parts and much more. From newer models to antiques it is a great place to grab a lot of hardware in one place. You may not get the whole ship there but you will have plenty of parts to work with inside of a ship!

Space scenes have very specific needs, so why not go to the places that have those specific items?