Where to Find Picture Motorcycles

Los Angeles Motorcycle Salvage
Los Angeles Motorcycle Salvage

Need a ride? Come with Debbies Book if you want to live.

Okay, maybe I’m no Arnold but YOU still have that cool character that rides up to the bar on a motorcycle. Things don’t go according to plan and suddenly that cool guy is being chased by a whole crew on their own bikes (who don’t find him quite as cool).

Sometimes you need one, sometimes you need a bunch, but every time you will need to rent it when it comes to motorcycles:

Cornwell & Sheridan Picture Vehicles
Old, or classic as it is has been coined, is their business. They offer many vehicles but it isn’t limited to just the 4 wheeled variety. Harley Davisons, Triumphs, old military bikes and more are available at this very experienced picture vehicle and motorcycle rental facility.

Eaglerider Motorcycle Rental
Sport bikes to choppers, dirt bikes to ATVs, they’ve got a large collection spread across the country available. Their main business has been centered around group tours on motorcycles, but all that means is that they have a large selection to choose from that’s ready when you are.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Salvage
From used parts to pristine reconditioned bikes, Los Angeles Motorcycle Salvage has what you need. They also have the ever coveted multiples for many of their models. They work with every model you can think of and even carry watercraft parts. For decades the industry has used them and there’s no reason you shouldn’t either.

Michael Harper-Smith
European motorcycles, especially old European motorcycles, can be hard to come by. Even more difficult if you have a specific model you need. Michael Harper-Smith is the place to go for everything European, vintage and on wheels with a motor. On top of their list of motorcycles and scooters they also offer buses, vans, limos and airplanes (and regular old cars too).

From rust buckets that are great for the background in a junkyard scene to multiples of Benelli 650s, Randy has a collection that one must see to truly believe. His warehouse is filled to the metaphorical gills with motorcycles, and I’ll bet you he’s hiding even more somewhere else.

One of my favorite things about Debbies Book is finding these little gems. It is such a great opportunity to meet unique collectors. Trust me when I say that all of these businesses are no different.

Where to Find Hospital Equipment & Dressing

Angelus Medical & Optical Co
Angelus Medical & Optical Co

We see it all of the time in movies and television shows. Someone gets injured and they are now in the hospital. But where do you get all of the equipment needed to dress a room (or more) to look like a hospital without stealing everything from a hospital? That’s where Debbies Book always shines. We do not promote stealing.

It’s always helpful when there are specialty prop houses, and searching for medical equipment and supplies are no exception:

A-1 Medical Integration
Patient handling equipment (such as stretchers and gurneys), OBGYN equipment, patient monitoring systems and much more. They are one of the 3 big medical emphasis prop houses around. Darren and his crew will set you up quickly and accurately for your next hospital dressing needs.

Alpha Companies – Spellman Desk
Alpha Companies is unique in that they have two specialties. Medical equipment and multiples of furniture. Need operating room equipment? They’ve got what you need to fill that room. Need waiting room dressing? Ding ding, that’s available too with cleared artwork, traditional furniture and even fake flowers for the dressing. You can easily find what you need for more than just the emergency and hospital equipment at this conveniently located prop house. They also have locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta!

Angelus Medical & Optical Co., Inc.
What’s a better supplier for medical furniture and supplies than the guys that supply the real deal to actual hospitals and emergency services? Angelus Medical has been around probably the longest renting and selling equipment to the industry, but their main focus has always been supplying to the medical field. Need antique medical supplies? They’ve got that too. From exam room chairs to whatever hyfrecators are they can tell you what you need and supply it too.

Of course there are always other prop houses who supply smaller varieties of medical and hospital equipment but it never hurts to start with the experts!