Happy Thanksgiving Week – 2015

It’s Thanksgiving time!

Now just because it is Thanksgiving time doesn’t mean you should place a turkey on your head with a fedora and giant sunglasses, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t either.


We will be out of the office for most of next week to spend time with family and friends.

See you all in December!

Revisiting the ‘In Praise of Chairs’ Video

I spoke with a class of students late last week and brought up this video to them.

I love it. It’s hard to explain to the uninitiated of the weight a prop carries in many scenes. Even a subtle piece that seemingly goes unnoticed to the viewer can still subconsciously imply traits or a state of mind.

So sit down in whatever chair is defining your own character right now and watch it below:

L.A. Percussion Rentals Celebrates 10 Years, Updated Website

LAPR 10th anniversary w new website projectionIt is always wonderful to see good people be successful. Los Angeles Percussion Rentals is a perfect example. On November 3rd Dan and Abby Savell celebrated 10 years of business in the ‘anything that can be hit and sound nice’ market, also known as percussion instruments.LAPR owners Abby and Dan Savell

As if that wasn’t enough to celebrate they have also released an updated website! Trust me, I have plenty of experience updating websites. I know how big of a deal that is too.

So with no further delay, those that are a hit with everything you can hit, the company that beats to their own drums because they have so many available; below is the press release Los Angeles Percussion Rentals sent over:

LAPR press release 10 yr new site 2015 PROPS
“L.A. Percussion Rentals Celebrates Milestone Anniversary and Launches New Website
LOS ANGELES, CA, 11/3/15 – L.A. Percussion Rentals (LAPR), the preeminent percussion and backline rental company for some of the most respected live and recording acts worldwide, are celebrating a decade in business. At the Company’s 10th anniversary party, the husband and wife owners revealed their new, revamped website.

This redone website is “aiming to be more of a real resource for percussion and backline,” owner Abby Savell stated. At the core, everything is databased with alternate names, so instruments are easy to find; some are cross-referenced in multiple categories, if applicable. Over thirty new instruments with photos were added and lesser-known instruments have greater description.

Another notable function of the new LAPR website is the “Sound Search,” an interactive tool which is designed for those (such as prop masters) who seek instruments but aren’t sure which ones to choose; the Sound Search helps the user narrow-down by certain qualities – such as region – and the results are real-time displayed.

In addition, many of the instruments – notably from renowned studio percussionist Emil Richards – have links to sound clips. Rather than simply provide solo instrument, “sample” style sound clips, the Company provides links to clips of some of the instruments in context, most from film recordings. “Many of these instruments sound different depending on what beaters are used or which area of the instrument is played on; even the musical style that’s used in the example can leave a narrow impression of the instrument. We wanted to avoid the pigeonholing of sample-style sound clips, and allow a multitude of examples which allow the user to hear different applications of each instrument in different styles, and sometimes with other instruments,” said owner Dan Savell.

LAPR was founded in 2005 by Dan and Abby Savell, husband and wife professional percussionists. They rent orchestral, ethnic, and eclectic percussion, along with drumsets and backline to symphony orchestras, tours, film/TV/videogame productions, bands, universities, and individual musicians. For more information, contact Dan Savell at 310.666.8152.”

Website: www.lapercussionrentals.com

**Updated 11/29/17 – Fixed typo to correctly spell Abby Savell**

Why Props Matter – Rishi Kaneria’s Insightful Video

It is always nice to see someone toting the significance of props. It’s even better when it’s well edited and brimming with information.

Being a part of the directory for prop sources in Los Angeles (and around the globe) has given me an appreciation for their importance in visually telling a story. Sometimes they are hero props like The Ring in Lord of the Rings and other times they are the seemingly insignificant bulletin board in the background filled with office memos and birthday reminders for the office.

When you have a chance you should really check out Rishi Kaneria’s video essay below: