International Printing Museum – Antique Printing Machinery Galore

ipm_header_banner_award_02With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it can be easy to forget how things were done back in the day. When it comes to printing, fortunately there is a place that allows you to explore the history of books, printing and the book arts. Great to know if you are working on a project that requires historical accuracy!

Founded in 1988, The International Printing Museum has one of the largest collections of antique printing machinery in the world, and offers a great way to see how it was used through working demonstrations.

More importantly for us is that aver the years many of their items have been used in film productions, and continue to be available for rental today. Printing presses, blocks, and much more are just a phone call away.


Christiansen Amusements – Carnival Games & Rides

show_photo-10Rushing down a super slide, soaring above it all in a Ferris wheel, or trying your luck at tossing a ring on a bottle or a ping-pong ball in a bowl to win a goldfish.

If you have ever been to a carnival, these things should bring back some fond memories, or perhaps a little sadness if you were never able to win the giant stuffed dog (I know I certainly never did). If you are looking to relive those fun (and hurl-a-whirl) times, or to bring this excitement to your next event or production, Christiansen Amusements has what you are looking for.

Family run, with generations of experience bringing carnival magic to many, they offer a variety of games and rides for rent in Southern California. BONUS: I am pretty sure you will get to ride the items you rent too!


Sterndahl Enterprises, Inc – Practical Equipment Rentals & Props for Construction and Beyond

show_photo-9No street or highway scene is quite complete without the items you see in your everyday travels.

Signs, barricades, K-rails, cones, work trucks and traffic barrels are just a few of the items that the folks at Sterndahl Enterprises has in their inventory. Everything you need to give your next outdoor project the realistic look it needs. They have over 30 years experience in the field of road maintenance and safety, and take great pride in the services they provide.

From the obscure (parking lot stripers and Beverly Hill street name signs) to the common (Should Closed signs and dump trucks) Sterndahl can get the equipment you need for your next project when you need it.


[Video] The Importance of Even the Simplest of Props

My good friend Tim Hogan over at PCPA shared a video with me that I thought others may appreciate.

From a new Youtube channel, Picture’s Up, comes a video essay about the importance of props for more than just painting a scene. Often times even the simplest of props can indicate to the audience character traits and personalities that would take much more dialog to come across.

Give the video a watch, it’s good, in fact I hope to see more from them:

Jules Sylvester’s Reptile Rentals – Scale Up Your Next Production

Snakes on a Plane(Sinaloan Milk Snake)If your scene calls for numerous snakes slithering about, or perhaps a room full of creepy spiders, Jules Sylvester’s Reptile Rentals has what you need.

For over 30 years, they have been a “go to” company for performing reptiles, specializing in snakes, insects, lizards, alligators and of course much more. They also offer a snake catching service if there is the possibility of unwanted visitors on location that are not part of their reptile team.


ZG04 Decor – They’ve Moved and It’s a Good Thing

ZG04 1Klaus and his team at ZG04 DECOR, including the ever present Saul, have been working hard over the last month to get everything up and running at their new location.

The new space is a major upgrade:
A 115,000 sq ft warehouse with all of the original perks from before with added ones too; a 22,000 sq ft showroom; an entire floor dedicated to hand props, lighting and smalls; a lounge area for customers (complete with a bar and snacks!); and rental rooms for production teams to meet and work.

Their new location is now at 12224 Montague Street, Sun Valley, CA 91331:
ZG04 Map

As if that wasn’t enough they will be working alongside 3 other companies.
ZG04 2The aforementioned Line 204, Angstrom Lighting, and they’ve even managed to squeeze Motor Homes into the mix. A good mix to meet the requirements of one of those classic “one stop shops” everyone touts.

In short, everyone needs to swing by ZG04 and see for themselves the new transformation. If you Saul, give him a hug for me, because that poor guy has had his hands full for the last few months.


Labor Day Weekend – 2015

labor-day-design-with-worker-without-picture-84083758-399x400As are many others the Debbies Book staff will be taking the Monday off.

Don’t worry and don’t fret, however. If you still need to find something the gremlins that run our online search will still be hard at work grabbing results to display for you when you search online or in app (they haven’t unionized yet).

If you don’t like how we overwork our online gremlins you can always grab the printed book still available over at Amazon!


L. A. Circus – A Circus Resource for Everything but the Audience

PrintIf you are looking for all things circus for your next film, commercial, or other event, then you are looking for L.A. Circus.

Wagons, tents, banners, clown outfits and carousel horses are just a sampling of the items they have in their vast inventory. They have consistently been featured in numerous films and television shows (including the last American Horror Story: Freak Show season). Need clown costumes and more to dress your actors too? They have a large selection of all kinds of circus costumes to choose from.

With years of experience in the actual circus industry, their staff can definitely help you achieve that big top to wow for your next project. And who knows, you just might be inspired to run away and join the circus.


CBS Graphics – Graphics Design, Printing, Hand Props and Beyond!

cbs-graphics-logo“We Love Work”… and when you browse through the list of services their graphic design and print production facility provides, it’s clear that the folks at CBS Graphics stand by that phrase.

That is also why it’s no surprise that their work has been seen on every network, as well as in feature films and commercials. HOWEVER, something many people don’t know is that CBS Graphics will work on any project. That includes all jobs outside of the entertainment industry!

With years of experience in the graphics business, their team can meet your television, commercial and retail business needs.


The ReUse People – (or How to Save Money on Materials)

PrintIf you have ever wondered what happens to building materials that can be reused when a new construction project is underway, we have an answer for you.

The ReUse People (aptly named) work to keep reusable materials out of landfills and instead find them a new job. Materials are obtained through deconstructing rather than demolishing a structure, which allows them to salvage a wide range of items. Everything from bricks and flooring to hardware and appliances, you can find these things and more at one of their retail facilities.

They also work to educate others about deconstruction and materials salvage, so that more items can find their way to a new home or building. Not to mention they are more affordable!