20th Century Props Grand Re-Opening After 6 Years Underground

IMG_0130Harvey Schwartz has returned to the prop house business and officially opened 20th Century Props’ doors yesterday evening with wine, savory baked goods and a chance to see what has returned.

IMG_0142As is to be expected from the rattan wizard, there is a very large collection of rattan furniture that takes up probably a third of his new warehouse in Van Nuys. Some of the recognizable pieces he is also known for have made a return including a great collection of art deco lighting, furniture and decor.

SarahStoneArtworkA new bonus is cleared artwork by Sarah Stone, a unique talent with an always growing inventory ranging from the eerily surreal to the convincingly carny banner. She’s even got a clever QR code system set up so you can quickly rent the pieces on the spot with your smartphone and immediately walk out with the receipt and art.

Distance ShotBob Zilliox was there also greeting people, and as always, kindly introducing people to each other (and recommending a new direction for next year’s book cover artwork).

It’s always nice to see evidence of Hollywood getting back up after the solid thrashing it took over the last 7 or so years. It’s even better when there is delicious food and good company.

Welcome back to the fray 20th Century Props!

Mike Green Fire Equipment – Rentals & Purchased w/ “Dat Fire”

PrintFire safety is serious business, no matter what the situation may be. A tiny fire emergency can turn into a real disaster if you are not prepared.

For years, Mike Green Fire Equipment Co. has been a trusted source for all of your fire protection needs. From commercial buildings to residential homes, they have the products and services you need to stay safe and fire ready. If you are looking for rental items for a project, they can also help you out with a wide selection of extinguishers, alarms, hoses and more.

Don’t get burned when it comes down to crunch time and get your fire related equipment and services from Mike Green Fire Equipment.

Website: www.Mgfire.com

Kitsch N Sync Props – Everything 70s-80s BUT the Kitchen Sink

P1010052With phones that have cameras and video recorders built in nowadays, it’s hard to remember a time when technology was not a complete package.

If you say Polaroid or 35 mm camera to some people, they may think you are speaking a foreign language. hoiliday2_cameraGood thing is if you are in need of items like these, there is a place where they will know exactly what you are talking about.

Specializing in items from the 70’s and 80’s, Kitsch N Sync Props has a wide assortment of items that they have collected over the years. From desk accessories and decorative accessories to classic board games and oddities that will make you laugh, they can help your next project achieve the right look.

Website: www.kitschnsyncprops.com

North Hollywood Hardware – Lumber, Expendables, Painting Supplies & a Personal Touch

logo_topWith all of the big name home improvement stores out there these days, it’s nice to know that there are still neighborhood hardware stores around to meet your needs and work with you on a personal level.

North Hollywood Hardware is one of these stores.

Located in Studio City, they have been serving the area, and the industry, for over thirty years. From grass paint (less wasteful if you need a green lawn than watering it) to plumbing supplies, they have the items you need. Plus, if you can’t make it to their store you can find over 70,000 items on their online warehouse as well.

Website: www.ehardware2go.com

Arc de Belle – Does Your Event Need Arch Support?

PrintA beautiful floral covered arch in a tranquil park, a Tuscan pergola on a panoramic hilltop, or perhaps a tropic canopy set along the beach at sunset.

These are just a few of the designs that Arc de Belle has to offer from their collection of traditional and modern wedding arches and canopies for rent. They also have lighting, fabric and other accessories as well, to help transform your event into an artistic masterpiece. All you need to supply is the happy, soon to be wedded couple.

Website: www.arcdebelle.com

SDSA GMM – August General Membership Meeting @ Warner Bros. Property

WB #1 8-20-15It is always nice to be reminded of what is located at Warner Bro. Property, and even more exciting to see what’s new. Robert Greenfield is always keeping the inventory fresh while holding on to the classics, a rare but important talent that is needed for any prop house.

Of course it is also nice to have some delicious grub and conversation with the current membership of the Set Decorators’ Society of America and their business members.

WB #2 8-20-15Walking around I noticed the presidential furniture has it’s own little dedicated space now (watched over by some Mr. Smiths from The Matrix), the chandelier room still has a large variety to choose from, and downstairs The Collection awaits it’s next use. I wish I had thought to take a photo of the giraffe legs sticking in from the ceiling down there though. That one caught me by surprise.

The meeting, post-schmoozing of course, went without a hitch. During a few words from Shirley Stark, Ralph of Hollywood Studio Gallery, and Robert Greenfield the raffle winners were announced, many of them donated by LCW Props. Bryce actually won a bottle of Tito’s vodka (that I assume will be shared with the office) from Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven.

All in all it was a great meeting, with a very large turnout (and very delicious desserts)!

Website: www.wbpropertydept.com

Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Do Good, Get a Tax Break and Donate

pgbanner-restoreHabitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles sent me over a pamphlet to share, and for good reason.

When any project is completed and struck for good we can all agree that there is a lot of waste. Furniture with no home, general hand props that had to be purchased instead of rented and all other kinds of leftovers. Habitat for Humanity has a way for your production to find a home for those items while getting some of those hotly desired tax credits. The ReStore.

They have a thrift store dedicated to raising money for more projects, and just as helpful give used items a chance at a new life. So the next time you find yourself up to your elbows in items and nowhere to store them, drop them off at any of their donation locations. It always feels good to do good too, you know.

Donation pickups can be set up online at the website below or by phone.

Website: www.ShopHabitat.org

Read the text from the pamphlet below:

Los Angeles ranks as one of the least affordable housing areas in the U.S. Habitat of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) builds, repairs and rehabilitates homes in partnership with low-income, hardworking people, helping them to achieve stability and hope for a better life.

Did you know that it is possible to help Habitat LA build homes without ever stepping foot on a construction site?

The ReStore is a home improvement thrift store that accepts donations of gently used furniture, appliances, building materials and décor from individuals, organizations and the studios and then resells the donated items at discounted prices to the general public. All proceeds support Habitat LA’s building, repair, veteran, and youth programs! In addition, the ReStore is also good for the local environment. Since its opening, the ReStore has diverted more than 7 million pounds of materials from landfills.

Contact the ReStore at (424) 246-3637 or www.DonateToHabitat.org to schedule a FREE pick-up today*!

Trucks are sent out daily to pick up items all over Los Angeles. Don’t forget that your donation is tax deductible!

*A fuel donation of $5 to $10 is suggested
Habitat for Humanity Pamphlet 08-20-15

California Beverage – ‘Tap’ Into a Great Beverage Dispensing Resource

1414211203-5valvemushtowerWith the hot days we have been having, the thought of enjoying a tasty cold beverage can’t be overlooked. Whether you are in need of prop equipment, or functioning beverage systems to satisfy your beer and soda craving, the folks at California Beverage can help you out.

They have been servicing the restaurant and entertainment industry for over 40 years, and carry both vintage and modern equipment. This includes soda fountain dressing all the way to bar dressing; so from kegs and taps to soda dispensers you are sure to find plenty to quench your thirst.

Website: www.californiabev.com

L. A. Steelcraft Products, Inc. – A Different Kind of Swing Set

imgresSwing sets, slides, teeter-totters and those colorful animals on a giant spring are just a few of the playground items that you will find at L.A. Steelcraft Products.

Of course they offer more than simply the playground equipment. Flag poles, basketball uprights, field goals, and tables/benches.

For over 50 years, they have been manufacturing safe and sturdy playground equipment for a multitude of uses. If you are looking for one item, or enough to complete a whole park scene, they have a variety of play structures to choose from. Just a quick bit of advice… if you get dizzy rather easily, you might want to stay off of that spinning merry-go-round…

Website: www.lasteelcraft.com

Marylen Costume Design & Mfg – Walkaround Costumes from Aardvarks to Zebras

marylensDo you have a need for a giant costume that looks like a cockroach, or perhaps a head of lettuce? If you do then I have a company for you.

From the odd and unusual (bass fish costume anyone?) to your regular day to day walkaround costume characters, Marylen Costume Design & Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing high quality costumes since 1960. Now with over 2,000 different costumes to choose from. They are designed to be comfortable and easy to maintain (one of the hardest things to do with a human sized navy seal with a hat and collar costume).

One of the best things about Marylen Costume Design is their website. A simple searchable index of every available costume to choose from, each with the ever necessary photos too.

Website: www.marylen.com